Or you operate on the money or they are on you

The undeniable fact is that we all want to have more money than we earn. And in today’s dynamic world, this question becomes more urgent and relevant, because there are a huge number of different goods and services, which further highlight the desire of companies to increase profits. There is no doubt that money makes our lives easier, allowing us greater comfort and increased safety.

But how do I earn them? It’s not easy! Even harder to save and properly invest the money saved, and then they increase in volume, and the person can no longer work for money, because investments are doing it for him. Today for all of us who work and earn income on a monthly basis, the best option is a gradual investment of money in promising projects. This may be the only way to maintain a decent standard of living and to ensure a more secure future for themselves and their families.

Many people wonder how successful people got their wealth and continue to maintain and exaggerate it. The recipe is simple — investing (slowly, but regularly). One thing is certain, there is nothing better than when your money is working for you. To work and earn the money you need in order to fill your investment portfolio assets. Read more how to attract money can be found here.

In this article are answers to some frequent questions that we ask ourselves in order to change the misconceptions or stereotypes.

If you invest in stocks, they can fall and lose all my money?

If you invest in the securities of questionable companies, there is a big risk and the possibility of reducing value of assets. But if you invest in the Fund, which selects stocks from reputable leading brands, to worry about almost about. These funds are stable or accelerated growth of income from their activities and, consequently, higher rates for investment. Even in a crisis you will be able to rely on your assets if your Foundation is reliable. It is important to whom you entrust your assets or who will lead them to select appropriate companies in which to invest.

Can I get rich quick?

Investment in shares is not a get rich quick scheme. In a situation when we have the available financial resources, it is necessary to consider all investment opportunities, and then come for a consultation of leading experts with international experience, with whom you can plan a combined investment portfolio with minimal risk and high liquidity. Wealth is patience and gradual investments. Everything else is a fraud! No one recipe for achieving wealth in one night.

What better to invest the money in the Bank or in stocks?

The decline in interest rates has continued since the end of 2009, when the interest rate on time deposits in dollars for a year at the biggest banks, for a period of one year amounted to nearly 10%. For comparison, global statistics show that the average annual return from investment in stocks from 1926 to 2010 ranges from 10% to 12%, and this figure is growing.

How to understand all the nuances of investing in stocks?

Ignorance and prejudice are the most common cause of lost opportunities. Opportunities that are often even closer than we think, just go because of prejudices and fear. Don’t be afraid to ask a stupid question. Ask your financial Advisor about what you care about, because first of all it is your money and your future.

Let your money work for you.

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