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Many misunderstand the coaching or don’t know how he can be useful. I want you to show examples of how coaching can fit into your life, regardless. what you are working on and what opportunities are in front of you to open up.

For a start, I propose to decide what is coaching. In a broad sense coaching is the interaction of people (coach and client) aimed at achieving a specific result.

At the heart of coaching are five principles established by the great psychiatrist, Milton Erickson:

  1. With all all right
  2. People already have all the necessary resources to achieve the objectives
  3. Behind every act are positive intentions
  4. change is inevitable
  5. People make the best choices possible in a given time

Imagine how to change your life and the lives of others, if you only will start to be guided by these five principles in daily life, how to change your business and all other areas.

In this article I want to tell what opportunities you will be given the use of Ericksonian coaching in various spheres of life.

If you are a Manager or business owner

Applying coaching, you will be able to more effectively manage their staff. You don’t have to be a rigid dictator, to get things going well. You will be able to understand what motivates each employee and how to it to find its own unique approach.

You will be able to reduce their costs, because we understand what motivates employees a salary, what motivates a new job or a lot of freedom, and the money for them have the last value. Moreover, I want to say that only one salary is not enough to retain employee. To motivate employees need a comprehensive approach that will help you create, including, and coaching.

You will be able to ensure that their subordinates are more accurate instructions: they will do exactly what you want them to do, not something that usually happens.

You will understand what your customers want, and they’ll line up to you in turn.

For salaried workers

If you are employed, you will be able, using coaching, find a job and company of your dreams.

Will be able to significantly reduce their working hours, you can understand that you want the user and what you want.

If you are a client of a coach

If you want to reach your goals faster, more efficiently, and with great pleasure, will help the personal coach. What I like about coaching in comparison with other approaches in coaching nobody gives advice and not driving into the head «of the truth.» A coach is a catalyst. You decide in which direction to go, and the coach helps you accelerate or slow down and be glad that you have reached.

If you coach

If you coach, then you are very lucky. A profession coach can help to grow and develop their customers and together with them to grow the most. Specifics of coaching allows you to explore different areas of work and life.

Coaching is a profession that allows you to be free: you don’t need to be tied to a specific location. You can conduct coaching sessions by telephone or SKYPE. By the way, about 80% of the coaching sessions in the world are conducted via SKYPE or telephone.

If you are a business coach or personal development coach

Business coaches coaching in many ways.

First, you can diversify your training sessions to make them more individual and to create a format that is appropriate for each participant.

Secondly, applying the skills of coaching, you will be able to use your main resource is the people who come to you. If you start from the position of expert, then we can say and broadcast to the audience, but think about how a lot valuable, vital and relevant you can obtain from the participants (which is 50 people).

Thirdly, if you want to have people get a significant result from the training, I just recommend to use coaching as an element pastrengo support. Very often I see a picture, what training people go with burning eyes, feeling like a superhero. But after a couple of days, their motivation disappears and they forget everything that was on the training. Coaching will help to consolidate and strengthen the knowledge, skills and motivation that the person has received the training.

If you are a psychologist

Psychologist coaching will help to look at the client and his problem from the other side. Moreover, coaching will help you to be more relevant in the labour market, as coaching is becoming increasingly popular not only among top managers but also in broader society. Many psychologists use coaching in their work. Recently, even the eye populist book on how to go from psychotherapy to coaching.

If you are the father

Training coaching some of my colleagues to the question «Why are you studying coaching?» Answered, that began to engage in coaching because they have children and it is important to educate them well and keep with them close relations. So, with this statement I agree 100%. I remember how my parents tried to plan my life, guided by his principles and ideas that it’s okay with me. If you want to be a better parent communicating with the child, begin to apply those five principles that I described earlier in this article, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

I could endlessly enumerate all the areas where you can apply the coaching, but I think that it is not necessary.

So, let’s summarize.

Coaching is not only a promising profession and a development tool, but also a completely new view of the world, other people, relationships, what allows to reach a new level. This is the level of what we do is important and interesting.

What actions you can take right now to discover the world of coaching:

Read books on coaching, for example, Merlin Atkinson «the Internal Dynamics of Konga», Merlin Atkinson «step-by-Step system of coaching,» John Whitmore «Coaching for performance». Unable to attend the workshops (click here) that help learn new skills.

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