Open your own café. Important tips

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If we talk about the profitability of their own business, create your own café, with the right approach to the organization, will be of a quite profitable business. However, note that in comparison with the opening, for example, restaurants, open cafes will require significantly less investment and effort, and would involve less risk.

1. The concept

Café – this place is wide enough format. If you have decided on the organization of this business, first of all you should decide what characteristics will vary your institution.

Experienced creating a business from scratch suggest first of all to decide on what the visitor will be oriented café. Children’s club, Internet café – all these and other numerous varieties will require you some effort in the organization of the area. By the way, it often happens that the chosen room is not suitable for the selected type of visitors. So if you are at the initial stage of your business have limited budgets, first choose the appropriate room, and then, on the basis of its architectural features and location, decide the concept of your establishment.

Choosing a concept cafe, decide on the basic assortment of dishes and, consequently, prices. This question is closely tied to who exactly will visit your cafe. For example, if you are targeting your institution primarily for students, it is unlikely that you will be in demand expensive meals. Conversely, visitors to the elite cafe are unlikely to appreciate the presence on the menu of sandwiches and cooked sausage.

2. Space

To visitors your coffee will be submitted to the so-called «trade group». This, above all, room, tables, and window, bar, closet and bathroom.

To ensure that all this worked, meals were prepared and served, you’ll need more rad areas: warehouse (equipped with refrigeration chambers for perishable products), washing (machine washing and drying products and equipment), shop for processed foods, cold appetizers, hot dishes (equipped with cabinets and cooking stoves), bathroom, and shower, as well as buildings for administration and staff.

3. Equipment

The list of equipment needed for the café, a fairly large and diverse. Related to the selection of the right equipment very carefully: after all, you have to pick it as the perfect combination of quality and price.

Choosing professional kitchen knives, pay your attention to the fact that they will be significantly different from the usual knives that Housewives bought for their kitchens. Chef’s knives should be made of high quality steel in order to vary the strength, flexibility and corrosion resistance. Similar properties should have kitchen scissors for poultry and fish.

Choosing equipment for your cafe, you’ll also need to pay special attention to how it will look your staff. To buy chef clothes, you will need to decide what type of kits you will need. It also depends on what the concept of dining you choose. Standard chef jackets, caps, jackets and aprons, possibly jacket sushi master, apron waiter, a decorative tie, which will give a single highlight of your employees — all should be selected carefully, taking into account both the generated image and the quality and durability of purchased items.

Special attention should be paid to the dishes. Her style needs to fit the chosen style of the interior and the cafe’s concept. The utensils should be easily washable, good quality and not too expensive — after all, you are creating a cafe rather than a restaurant.

Extremely important is also the set of equipment that will catch the eye of visitors, but it will ensure the quality of dishes: oven, stoves, freezers, hoods, cutting and work tables, various mechanical and electrical equipment – all this should serve the main goal: to promote the quality of work of your staff.

4. Staff

The number of employees of the café should not be too large. Minimally you will need a chef, one or two cooks, posudomoya, cleaner, administrator. Employees at work is accepted only if a properly executed medical certificate.

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