Money as a measure of success

In modern reality, unfortunately, is a basic measure in almost all of the hour and human feelings. There is money measure of success?

If you look at such famous personalities like Steve jobs or bill gates, it’s safe to say that the success is proportional to their thoughts not a small income. Their achievements include creating completely new ideas, useful to society in General, and their successful development. This success is positive. But it is not always so.

Officials, components of the huge fortunes from bribes, also have a large, but dubious success. They are actually successful, and negative activities, which also represents the only success of the other.

But is humanity so far gone in the relationship sale, that money became the measure?

Do not forget that the success can be of different kind. Parents who try to give the kids for their future and children, using all provided opportunities of rational and strong family that lives in harmony and mutual support, is a kind of success, positive, but clearly not measured by money. Street dancers, which Express expression of the body a wide range of feelings and sharing it with others, hungry for impact – success is honed by the skill, power of feelings, courage to speak in front of society.

Money in the General notion of a measure, but not unique.

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