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Almost every adult in my life there are times when he is forced to look for work. Not very attractive. Before long surfing the web, sending out résumés, waiting for invitations. Then clean the shoes, put on my best business suit, and go on endless job interviews. In fact, in this case, you need to sell yourself more expensive and more profitable, so I want to present the employer’s product best.

But do not forget that a good product is not just beautiful packaging. Before, how to present yourself, you need to take care about domestic content. Before an important interview you need to be prepared. Here are some useful tips on how to prepare for the interview.

Find information about the company, which is going to get. The area of activity, how many years on the market. What are the strengths of the company. You may be able to find reviews about the company. They are also very useful to read. No need to attempt to delve into all the specifics of the enterprise. Remember that you are not on the exam. Just let them know you are interviewing for a large person that you were interested in the enterprise, not just walk in off the street.

Make sure to arrive on time. Modern business people appreciate their time. And if you make the Director wait for you 10 minutes, you can expect that you will be greeted with a smile. In the worst case, the interview may not take place.

If you will be required to give the interview any documents such as a certificate of good conduct, diplomas, and certificates, you do not forget them.

If you usually experience fear of such events, give yourself a few minutes to spare before the entrance to the office, do breathing exercises and think about something pleasant.

Come in for an interview always with a smile. But here the main thing not to overdo. If you go with a mouth from ear to ear, the impression is not the most favorable. A slight smile will help to clear the air and to set your partner in a positive way. In addition, friendly people will always be able to make others.

During the interview, take a comfortable pose, sitting slightly at an angle to the source, suggest psychologists. Do not forget about gestures and facial expressions. Remember that 80% of the impressions you formed it from non-verbal channels.

Answer questions calmly, steadily. Don’t hesitate a couple of seconds to think. And always golosuete question to the end. In any case, do not interrupt your interlocutor.

And another very important tip. Do not allow yourself to speak ill of your previous job. Better consider how you will answer the question about why you left your previous workplace.

Good luck on the interview and good work!

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