How to take the first place

the leader

Have you wondered what distinguishes a leader from others who are in the first position? Let’s leave aside the positive thinking and cognitive psychology and to answer the question from the point of view of business. The leader always makes a little more than others. While others think that he does impossible things.

Who goes up

I’ll try to give an analogy from sports. Previously, children in the Team of the Olympic Reserve were selected throughout the country. Collected those who have the coaches found the commitment to engage in the chosen sport. Parents offered to move them into one of the capital’s sports societies «Dynamo», CSKA, «Spartak», etc.

Then children began to work with veteran coaches. They drove the kids to cross, RP, choreography and practice on the ice — I cite the example exercise in figure skating. There were constant dropouts who do not bear the load, someone’s parents decided to take his sports career. There were many reasons and it doesn’t matter. It is important that at some point in time in the group of the same age remained at approximately 15-20 people.

Who is in the first place

These 15-20 people, which gradually grow, train, compete and improve their skills at some point will have to compete for the prizes.

Most often in the group there are several talented children. Natural data allows them to easily outperform their peers in the group and the first three places are rapidly distributed in the group. Problems have talents emerge later when they are outside the group, faced with the same talented kids from other groups.

At this point, many of them almost without a fight give up my seat to a competitor. They are not used to make significant efforts to win their medals.

Why talents inferior to their seats

The word «significant» is key. Everything, absolutely everything, work hard in training. Coaches monitor this very strictly and do not allow «shalat». Parents also understand the importance of the manifestations of nature on the training and support of young athletes — praise them, encourage for awards and not much blamed for the losses.

Somehow I came out with a workout — I was about ten years old, the details I don’t remember, and I overheard part of the conversation the mother of one of talented children from my group and our coach. She asked my son the chances that it will become a new sports star. I almost fell from the bench and even dropped the covers when I heard the coach’s response. He said that my buddy will never achieve outstanding success in the sport, as it all turns out without much effort. It used to work 100%, being in the comfort zone. To become a leader you need to work at 150%, to do a little more every day.

Who becomes leader

«To do a little more every day», I often think and say these words to yourself and to your clients in your Solo Business.

There’s no magic marketing tools, advertising and PR, which could lead you to success quickly and easily. No sites, texts, and Social Media will not bring real success. Perhaps there will be a temporary success, which can only relax you and make it difficult to way up.

Make every day a little more than you can do. Soon you will hear how colleagues and customers are beginning to talk about what you are doing the impossible.

So you’re on the right track.

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