How to stop procrastinating and start acting

to postpone the case

All people tend to accumulate or to postpone the case indefinitely. Someone can say that it is inherent in every man and it is quite normal. But it’s just a myth, not all are.

How to start acting?

How to motivate yourself? How to learn to solve problems as they come? In this article you’ll find the answers to all your questions.

1. Goal

Most people stop at this point. How is it possible to start something if there is no goal? It’s like, for example, to go to the store without the original compiled list, where you buy anything but not what you need. So, sit down and think with a clear head on your goals. What do you do, what benefit it will receive. If you have no answers to these questions, then you don’t need it, it is not necessary to spend your time and effort. When there is a specific goal and step by step actions, these things do not want to procrastinate. Goals should motivate you, inspire new ideas, give you strength and energy.

2. Prospects

Ask yourself this question. What would happen if all people will put off your things for later? What consequences this may lead? Think about where you will live, and what your life will be like in 10 years, it depends on you and what you do now. Remember that neglect of his Affairs, ever to affect your life. And you have something you want to change, but it’s too late, the train left.

3. Time

Learn to put time limits cases that are going to make. Take this seriously, of course, doesn’t need to calculate time into minutes and even hours, it must be real time. This will not only serve as a stimulus, but also bring you a sense of victory and achievement, because you made the deadline. Yes, such a small detail, as the time and day will force you to do the work on time. Try this method in practice, and you will see that it works successfully.

4. Excuses

How people like to invent excuses in an empty place, but would not carry out their business responsibilities. Every day constantly make myself new challenges and obstacles, from the outside it looks ridiculous and absurd. The most common excuses are: the constant lack of time, busyness, fatigue, laziness. You must understand that, first of all, you harm yourself. Imagine that you Wake up and think about the same things, and so every day, not boring? Of course, you can get rid of this bad habit, to take responsibility for everything you are doing for their consequences. And try to think about it every time you want to postpone it for later.

5. Promotion

Learn to reward yourself for any work you have done, even if it is cleaning the apartment. It can be like buying a new dress, a trip to a restaurant with loved ones or just an unplanned vacation. This will give you new energy and ideas that will help you to solve pending tasks. Imagine how nice it is to work and know what’s ahead of you will be rewarded.

6. Start with difficulties

It is recommended to first solve complex cases that require a lot of commitment and effort. Then you can easily and speed will be able to do other small chores. Try to make it my main habit, and over time you will feel a huge relief, because the hardest part is over.

7. Share with loved ones

Talk about your plans with friends and family. Don’t be afraid of criticism and remember, you have no obligation. You will receive support, inspiration, some new ideas for yourself. When you share your desires and dreams, you subconsciously put it on top of the other, and you don’t want to plan, and immediately jump into action, this is one of the strongest incentives.

8. Learn how to plan

Dedicate yourself half an hour every day to plan their Affairs correctly and to set goals. In the future this half hour will bear fruit. Try to spend time in a quiet environment, alone with yourself and your thoughts. First days for you will be unusual new habit, but eventually you will get used and will feel in your daily need.

These simple tips will help keep all your things under control. Learn how to apply these tips regularly, and then you will have heaps of outstanding and pending work.

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