How to start to earn a lot?


How to earn more? If you climb inside the subject and reveal it all inside out, not hiding anything (although we know that each is still something subconsciously hidden), we will be able to identify some patterns of similarities and common characteristics of the same behaviours, it would seem, at first sight different people.

How to start earning?

So, let’s start. Are you ready to learn the truth, perhaps, yourself?

Of course, the first thing which affects your wallet, it’s laziness. You begin to argue and argue, to convince that it’s worth to give the first place of shame reluctance «to want». That is, to burn, to crave, to dream and to do it with such gusto, to the evening the power of positive thinking ill cheekbones! But «reluctance» — this is laziness. Therefore, all the same it is necessary to speak in the first place. She is great — looks volegov on the sofa and shamelessly beckoning longingly to join her is a worn out topic, and so I tried, and know. About the so-called hundreds of tips on blogging, how to get rid of laziness and start to act, you will have to speak until morning. But there are still a few real methods.

Attention! Now will be revealed one of the most charming secrets

Dream for the night. Meditate, visualize how you are already who you want to become. If as a child you were so wonderful to write in the diary — write, keep a blog about how great you’ll look in a brand new car, or download to separate folder on the desktop that you like best design solutions to the housing problem. Be like children.

When you are sufficiently inspired by their dreams — just one night — go to a bookstore. To buy such books by authors like Isaac Pintosevich (for motivation), Robin S. Sharma (for identity), Mary Kay ash (for women), Robert Toru Kiyosaki (for men), but never restrict, and stories about mother Teresa (in search of themselves and financial success do not go over the heads).

The next step should be to run in the morning or charging, or at least download fitness videos from the Internet. If you don’t your body will remain tired and anemogiannis. Nerve cells do not receive the necessary amount of adrenaline to jump out of bed in the morning and escape to the dream. Get off your ass right now squat ten times. Inhale-exhale and again squats. Come on!

Until you swing your body, you don’t want to swing your spirit, believe me.

And then it was time planning. How to do it?

Important: to define a specific time frame. Motivate to write notes to myself everywhere. Write inspirational quotes all notebook and smartphone. To write one huge goal for the year. Then break up the distance to achieve this goal for a few small pieces of months. At the beginning of each month to check the main plan, and each Sunday evening or Monday morning to coordinate their tasks for a month. Clearly these results to specific dates down to the minute. And at the end of each month reward yourself for fulfillment and punished for overdue actions.

Your plan must you want to devote to family, leisure and Hobbies, friends, love.

Quite important before you plan will be to pass a little test with yourself, which is called «life balance Wheel». When you learn to balance work, sports and mental Hobbies like attitude and favorite pastime, then you will be really inspired to create, create and, moreover, will appear the idea of owning your own business.

You already can hear you, full of harmony and strength, take bill in hand, and she asks you to squeeze her tighter? And want seriously? When you stop chasing money and start looking for yourself and the way to be realized, — if you go, you will definitely start to prosper.

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