How to sniti a job you love?

How to find a job you love? It seems simple, look at your dream, what are you doing and what you plan to do and choose from this what brings you the greatest pleasure and joy. What is really the most positive way will affect your life and the lives of those around you.

But, as a rule, dream or global goal is not at all, and to-do lists most writes and monitors their implementation. Maybe that’s why so many people still don’t do what you love, go to work they hate?

It would seem that in this this, to go on a job? We spend so much time doing it, so why not continue?

It is not worth doing at least for one reason – at work, we spend so much time, it is worth considering. Why waste precious time of his life on a case that brings no pleasure or joy? In the same case, if your business (work) brings you joy and fun congratulations! And you can stop reading here.

Everyone else I would like to explain how important it is to find a job or business.

If your business, the process itself acts, does not deliver you any pleasure – you’ll soon become bored of doing this. When we work for money, for the opportunity to pay bills, buy food and luxuries for the opportunity to relax in the best resort, we sell a precious time of his life for the paper. Doing that to which the soul does not lie that does not inspire and is not happy, we spend the greater part of his life in the shuffle. I would like to ask the reader – are you satisfied with this life? If your answer is «Yes», you should read this article further, you will not find anything interesting for yourself, if your answer is «No», then continue.

If you do not want to continue to do the thing that you don’t like it, then you need to search for a new favorite.

But before we begin, I would like to mention that not doing exercise is very difficult to achieve success. And even if you reach it, the result is unlikely to bring you much joy. Those who love your work, are always ahead of others. And because we will continue.

What kind of work can be called a favorite?

Before we answer this question we need to figure out some things. First, not all are born geniuses, able to create a product that will have a global impact on the world economy, such people are few.

Secondly, and this is good news, everyone can find something to suit their taste. Everyone who strives to become better. Doing what, we always have the option to change if not the entire world, their lives and the lives of their loved ones accurately.

And now the answer to the question. Maybe it will become open to you, but your favorite can be any case. Most importantly, this job, this business contributed to your development and made you a better person, bring you joy. Here are some examples of favorite activities. You can come up with something new, to improve what is, to heal, to teach, to help the people around you, to build and so on.

That’s all fine, you say, but where to find a job?

Let’s start in order. As the hero of the famous film – we’re looking for.

Not taking the first step, before starting to search, you are unlikely to come nearer to the purpose. As soon once you start the search, you are already much closer to the beloved work, than it was before. If everything is so simple, why do so many people never begin to search for your favorite classes? Who does not believe that it is possible, someone lays. work on the principle that a bird in the hand is worth two in the Bush. Excuses and reasons can be numerous. But often people just don’t want to change their way of life. As they say, though the swamp, but his own. Though not my favorite work, but is simple and straightforward. And what happens if you try to change something unknown and scary. And live. And do not notice that are days, months, years of their life, and in her life, nothing changes.

In my opinion this is a terrible picture. Wake up! Let’s face it! Don’t be afraid! Believe you can become anything and have anything you want. Believe in yourself. Make a plan for your life and start to look.

But how to find a job you love?

Start with the things that you already do, look at what in your work brings you the greatest pleasure. At what point do you realize that you like to do? Why is this? The beginning of any work you are proud of? How can I make this lesson became the most important in your life?

In that case, if you as tried, could not find in my work nothing interesting, you just have to look elsewhere. What other activity could bring you pleasure and joy? What you’re doing with joy? What are you reading? What are you interested in? May be it is better to try to find a job in this area?

Ask for advice from people who know you well. Ask how you can study? Ask colleagues about their tastes. What do they like about their work. Visit forums, blogs…. And look, look, look.

Barely you have a new idea, immediately begin to embody it in life, to try, to test the viability. Sometimes you may seem interesting thing, with what passion does your friend. But it will cease to be so when you do try to deal with it. Sometimes the opposite happens, and how you thought at first, you will not be able to do for a long time, suddenly begins to take on an interesting new meaning once you try to deal with it. Analyze, look for, try all that may be of interest to you. And remember that any activity becomes more interesting the more one begins to understand it. It’s like the wizard and the apprentice. The most important thing you should pay attention to is whether you get pleasure and joy from the process?

So I was looking for work. But, maybe you have your own way to find a favorite work. I will be glad to hear your opinion on this matter.

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