How to manage best. Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy

Wish to knowledge the best top-managers and owners of companies that allow them to reach incredible heights and significantly ahead of its competitors? Want to learn how to apply the main principles of leadership to effectively manage and motivate to get the best results? Then you will help Brian Tracy.

Brian Tracy is a world expert in the field of success psychology. Tracy was born in a poor family. In his youth he left school, began working as a labourer. Eight years working on the boat, which has sailed around the world. During this time, Tracy has traveled to 80 countries. When he returned, he decided to become a sales specialist in the company. He started his career from the position of conventional «sales Manager», and two years later became Vice-President of the company. And now it is one of the world’s leading authority in the psychology of success and achievements. Tracy has worked with more than a thousand companies from 52 countries.

Among his 40 books, translated into 40 languages, there is a book for managers «How to manage better.» In it Tracy teaches important leadership skills, reveals all the leader shows what qualities are important for a leader and gives many examples from the lives of leaders who inspire and show how others do in difficult situations.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and better, then you are the leader. John Adam

Applying ideas from the book and implementing them in practice, you will be surprised at the results you get. The most important thing not only to see the goal and go for it, but also to choose the right way to in the short term to achieve their goals. Brian Tracy will show you how to choose such a path.

The book is small format, but each page contains helpful tips that can be immediately applied in practice.

Read, do, have results!

Brian Tracy «How to manage better»

Book on the official website of the publishing house «Mann, Ivanov and Ferber».

List of shops in the CIS where you can buy the book.

Original title: Brian Tracy «How the Best Leaders Lead: Proven Secrets to Getting the Most Out of Yourself and Others»

About the book in one sentence: disclosed a number of examples and strategies to achieve high results.

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