How to make money from nothing

As you can often hear from friends: «Why do I have two higher education, and the money so little?» Indeed, it would seem that we are doing so much for their future, but the result is still no. Want to learn how to make money from nothing?

Education of the famous American millionaire Rockefeller was only in the end of the accounting courses, but he managed to succeed, to make money from virtually nothing, with zero. He was helped in this almost maniacal passion to save and count and initiative. So often for the emergence of money is more important may be your education, and your way of thinking, your habits and character.Since Soviet times we have a stereotype that to make money, especially out of nothing, that is, without making special efforts to be immoral. This living in the subcortex approach hinders the growth of our well-being is much stronger than we think. If you want to make money, the first thing I get rid of it, in any case, start to work on themselves in this direction. There is nothing wrong to be rich. Have many — does not mean to Rob others. Money is not the fear and the loneliness, and the emergence of new possibilities. About this «mantra» is from time to time to repeat myself to get rid of the stereotype of the «wealthy scoundrels».

You do need the money, but for something. Surely you dreaming of a new house, travel, good education for children. Specify this dream, she will live at least on paper. On the way home from work buy a few glossy magazines «on the theme» your dream, that is, if you dream about a house, let it be something about the interior. Home find in magazines that you like, cut them out, make something like a collage. It is possible that such child’s play will seem silly, but they are very motivated. Finally you will see with your own eyes, to aspire to. Hang the collage in any convenient place, for example, over a computer. It is important that you see him as often as possible.

Themselves ways to make money out of nothing many, it all depends on what you know that you’re interested. Sometimes it would seem primitive business idea can bring amazing success. Easy to make money on the fact that you need to constantly, for example, any household services. For example, to open a tiny barbershop on a couple of chairs to those who always wanted to be a stylist, not expensive. How to know, maybe you will succeed in this field, and after a while you will queues? And it will not be a difficult or burdensome, because you will be doing.

You can make money and from what you have. Real estate prices are rising in Moscow every year. A considerable number of people worldwide have managed to earn on the resale of real estate. More information can be found in the book of R. Kiyosaki «Rich dad, poor dad».

Despite surviving the 90-ies of prejudice to the investment of money in securities, a much greater number of people than we think, earned and gains on profitable investments in stocks. Of course, the newcomer to do is not share — things are risky and invest only financial literate person. However, everything can be learned by reading the relevant books. In addition, you can hire a qualified investment Manager, which for a small percentage will be engaged in the investments for you. Do not think that equity, you must have big capital, many people started with minimal amounts.

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