How to make even a bad day productive

You get up early, you have to perform a lot of work and you will be busy until the evening. And when chores will be done, will feel overwhelmed. For most people these days rather be the exception than the rule. You may think that your life has come a series of misfortunes, because the last days unproductive. Maybe you were late for work, or you need to solve thousands of minor, urgent cases, or someone distract you from your classes every 5 minutes. If you think that today is not your day, then you have to make little effort to change the situation.

Here are a few tips to make even the worst day productive

fruitful day

1. Stop and think

Most often working days become unproductive, because man is only for tasks that arise during the day. Typically, current Affairs are the most obvious and simple. Such tasks are low priority. Acting without a plan, you will not be able to move in a specific direction. So spent time and effort lead to nothing, and the day seems inefficient and tedious. Take a break from your current, relax, close your eyes and concentrate on your goals that you would like to accomplish today. Now ask yourself: are you moving in the right direction?

2. Sort the tasks by priority

Write down on a sheet of paper all the tasks, for which performance you would like to proceed. Now organize them in order of importance. You can also include in this list those things that have long been pigeonholed. And now to the execution of the tasks in the order in which they appear in the list.

3. Maximum isolate yourself from distractions

This may mean that you need to silence your phone, sound a warning in the mail, to move a joint tea party with colleagues then. That is limit yourself from all distractions from work.

4. Look at the day critical

When you are at the peak of unproductive days, no need to waste time and energy on guilt. Look at the day critical, it will help to perceive the situation as an opportunity to learn something new that will help you in the future to be more effective. Try to get the best possible experience of a bad day.

Try to find answers to the following questions:

  • At what point do things go in the wrong direction?
  • Well, I distracted?
  • What I need to do differently?
  • That will help me re-focus on their goals and objectives?

Whatever the circumstances, try not to give up and, if possible, to rectify the situation.

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