How to increase efficiency and turn off the distractions


The pace of modern life has increased rapidly during the day. Each year, the amount of information in the world doubles, and doubles the number of ways of transmission! How to cope with information flows, do not be distracted by unnecessary information and to work effectively in conditions of information attacks?

Previously, an office worker had one phone, or at least 2, one for communication, another for city, if he worked in a large organization! That is, the employee worked, based on the information in the 2 channels of communication: personal contact and by phone.

In our days the number of these channels has increased slightly:

  1. The mobile phone, thanks to which we can find and get EVERYWHERE.
  2. After mobile came smartphones, which combine the functions of phone and a small computer!
  3. The Internet, which has brought a social network, email, and other ways of communicating information.

Modern man instead of 1-2 channels of information, is forced to parallelize 5-7! This in itself is a serious obstacle to concentrate on the main tasks and prompts once again distracted by a new review in the social. network or blog, reply to a message in Skype, write e-mail message, etc.

In the end, our effectiveness is sharply reduced, performance also goes down. The results are getting worse and unfinished business accumulates, forming a «snowball». We get tired much stronger, the work we are starting to feel less and less good, about the possible consequences of all this is not even worth mentioning!

The only viable solution that comes to mind is to try all of these processes to optimize!

  1. Mobile phone — try to reduce the amount of talking on the phone to the minimum necessary, it is also possible to reduce the duration of the conversation. One time I used the «5 minute rule», if I did everything outside of that framework, was fined (except in exceptional cases), after a week it became a habit and all telephone conversations were held more effectively.
  2. E — mail- work it is possible to optimize by time, for example 1 time the morning for 20-30 minutes, once in the evening, if the email takes You more than 40 minutes. a day, get a mate, or script support with a database of ready answers to frequent questions, unsubscribe from all mailings that You do not bring practical benefits!
  3. ICQ, Skype, etc. — to use only for work and to minimize, for example, I use Skype by appointment only with the person with whom you will communicate, it helps to save time.
  4. The social network — it is better to avoid or use at the end of the day, when you still do not want anything.
  5. Internet here often we are distracted on different banners, contextual ads, the «left» links. Create a text file on the desktop, name it: «Where to go/ what to do.» Write down the addresses of those sites that interest You and all those thoughts/ideas that came to your mind during the execution of scheduled tasks. View this file in their free time and use the information that it has accumulated!

PS «the first hour» — simple rule, which I started using back in the time when it was engaged in wage labor!

Every time when you start working day, try to perform the most difficult and unpleasant task of those that are planned. So the first time is unacceptable distraction for something else. As soon as, the most difficult task is done, You Wake up in a huge motivation not to stop and to perform other tasks!

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