How to implement goals? Not in the clouds!

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If you believe different motivational guru, success — it’s the simplest thing in the world. Set a goal, imagine how good it will feel when you reach it, you will feel as if you’ve already done it, and done. Enough only as accurately as possible to reproduce himself in the head vision of success and so will become itself. The law of attraction will do all that for you important? so you drove all the bad thoughts, because they are tangible. After all, if you really want something, you will be able to … at least so say the motivational guru in my books, blogs, forums …

Just how so many people who really, really wanted, but they miraculously failed? Millions of people do every day, what will they do with this money machine they will win the lottery, but for some reason wins, statistically one person in several million. The law of attraction only works for one? This is some weak laws? No, in fact, just one of motivation and belief in success.

Not in the clouds

There is only one tip: instead of in the clouds, go ahead. It is not necessary to revel in the vision of how your life will change when you reach goal of your dreams, but try to start to strive for it. Some dreams you will not budge a centimeter.

Plan. Create strategies, action plans in emergency situations, think about alternative ways. Think over every movement, and focus on what is at the moment to run. Work over what you will eventually lead to your goal. Don’t think of fantasies, visions of success, but focus on how to realize his dream, as his plans to bring to life. Because otherwise you will not succeed.

Fantasies are not useful, because they distract us from the main — workflow, without which the realization of the goal impossible. You need to set specific goals, and each day to work on them. You can not build anything, still wandering about in the field of dreams great things are created everyday, honest work. Big, challenging goals, require very simple and small actions. If they pay attention, they will lead you to your goal.

Look at his feet

When you are very focused on the goal and you are looking for quick effects to your work, it is very easy to go astray. It is easy to get frustrated when are still waiting for an award that has not abated. And in the pursuit of goals, sometimes (even quite often) and just grit my teeth and do their thing, especially when it is not, when it is difficult, when it really doesn’t want to. If you are still flying in the clouds, don’t notice the obstacles in your path, you will stumble on them in the first place. Or reach the goal, if you break your leg in a few minutes. Therefore do not dream, put your head down and look at what is under your feet.

Plan problems

Most likely you, this advice will sound stupid, but it’s not. Telling their vision rarely have a realistic view of our capabilities, and very often things are not as easy as we expected. And then we are easily overtaken by despondency. So plan ahead and don’t try to find loopholes in your understanding. Think about what could go wrong and think of what would happen. Consider what problems you can expect and prepare for them in several ways.

It is not a weakness, and no negativity, you can remain optimistic, and realistically assess the situation, your capabilities and strength, but find the most positive solution and a way out of the situation. Remember that timely analysis of the situation and readiness for future challenges to the achievement of the objectives will help you. But, if you’re going to see everything in pink, trying to ignore the potential complexity, you’re in for a bitter disappointment, which, most likely, will stop you on your way to realizing your dreams.

Don’t waste time on impossible dreams

You should test each of their desires for realism. You estimate that his achievements are not within your reach? Not now? The better. Instead of spending the time to produce the impossible, do something that will bring results and it will make you the best. Do not stay in place. Maybe after a while you’re ready for fun and this vision, but now do not waste your strength and energy, which will no doubt be useful to you to implement other, more intimate and realistic goals.

Remember — nothing kills motivation like persistent, unsuccessful throwing and attempts to achieve the unachievable. Chasing a fantasy, you will lose the strength necessary for real achievements that are within your reach.

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