How to get a pay raise

Do not worry about the stagnation of the economy in the country and the violation of the rules of decency, especially in such conditions when it comes to requests from superiors about a raise. It’s not so hopeless. Statistics show that the average changes in wages for the year are steadily growing, and most of the employers in this case is very optimistic. So I suggest to make friends with the idea that the task is to achieve wage increases are quite feasible.

The best option, of course, talking about raising wages at the stage of employment. But even if you are already working, your income can increase without a change of employer.

Note that we are talking about a personal effort to achieve the goal, and not about passive waiting, when will come higher wages. Especially if the work you are, in fact, satisfied.

First tip — you need to ask

If our world was perfect, all the employers themselves would have appreciated the diligence of the staff, knowing who of them deserves a pay rise, and immediately showed initiative. But we live in a different reality. In most cases, people will never offer higher wages, while they themselves do not speak about it. Yes, will have to endure several unpleasant, stress-filled moments, but the result will be to improve your well-being.

Prepare a written outline in the form of abstracts to have a conversation with your boss. You can write a whole detailed letter and forward to the head, and you can talk personally. Specify the following items:

  • Ask whether the chief you as an employee;
  • Explain the reason why want to earn more (be careful in the statements, even if they are not too personal);
  • Tell me, what are willing to take on additional responsibilities or to expand the range of their tasks, to receive more money;
  • Recall about their success and latest achievements;
  • Ask the employer what the circumstances are, in his opinion, could help increase your salary?
  • Name your desired salary range.

Start with the questions

May I ask whether the chef work, how to evaluate its results, considers useful for the company. Hearing the disgruntled monologue about your low qualifications and shortcomings, do not continue the conversation. So you are done «testing the waters». And if the trend is positive, we can talk further.

Avoid personal reasons

It is unacceptable to argue the need to increase salary personal reasons: the loan, birth of a child, the turmoil in his personal life. All those are not the factors that the authorities may take into account when determining how much to pay an employee. The condition may be only your personal advantage in working in front of other employees. Performance, plans, objectives, here, is a business and it only works so.

Understanding and awareness about the state of Affairs in the company

If the firm is experiencing a crisis, and you have a concrete plan to save the situation, then offer it in exchange for higher wages.

Your achievements

Feel free to to recall what benefits you brought the company in recent times. It’s your strong side in the negotiations, when each side realizes that further mutually acceptable collaboration and comfortable work should renegotiate.

The range of salaries

Do not name a specific amount, and the desired maximum and a more or less acceptable minimum. The chief is more likely to agree to an amount close to the minimum, but if you hear a specific figure, it will solve itself and not in your favor.

Individual professional growth

Be among those who not only know how to do it right and well, but does so. Learn his specialty thoroughly, do not stop there — this employee is hard to miss.

3 scientific are delighted that increase the chances:

  1. Asking for a salary increase at the beginning of the day, as morning, the chiefs are on a higher moral level.
  2. Do not eat anything before the talks. Hunger always increases motivation, and you will speak more convincingly.
  3. Ask at the end of the week. Thursday or Friday head already want to banish all Affairs, and he is more ready to compromise.
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