How to get a job and advance your career


For this you need to use almost one hundred percent the law of three P.

What kind of law is this, what does it mean?

Let it be your personal secret. It is, punctuality, planning and rule.

First and foremost, of course, punctuality. At the interview you need to arrive punctually. But long before the beginning of the interview comes not worth it. The employer will regard your coming long before the appointed time, as what you and the person have nothing to do. But if you exercise punctuality, believe me, this will play a big role.

That sure took the job, you need to be during the conversation calm, not to interrupt when talking, listen carefully, answer only the question posed. Never go into the details. Answers should be clear and only on the topic.

Pay special attention to clothes and accessories. Very strict dress is not worth it. Let it be business attire and minimal jewelry. Be sure to on hand put on the watch. This attribute of your image do the talking for itself.

During a conversation, smile. So you will be able to show that is a friendly person.

For job search use where you’ll find a variety of vacancies, divided by categories, locations, companies and occupations.


But for career growth, to successfully move for her to pay attention to the following taboo:

  1. In any case, not going to preach this phrase: «I didn’t say it.» Here you need to ask and find out all the details.
  2. Never say: «I just don’t have enough time». Under any circumstances, should carry out their work in the allotted time. After receiving the task from his superiors, just think about the reality of the planned timing of its execution. Here you need to immediately agree on terms of implementation. Especially if you think to stay within the allotted time is not real. It is quite possible that the period may be revised.

Moving ahead on service, it is very important learn how to conduct a business conversation . Moreover, to learn this is not difficult. Even if they do not have and believe that you cheated God such talent. It is also important to learn how to win a man, that is his companion. The secret of this communication is as follows:

  • During a conversation with someone you need to smile. This will show him that you are a man, rather good-natured;
  • Learn to listen to his interlocutor to the end. Remember that it needs to time to speak;
  • Most try to call the interlocutor by name. To most people, it’s nice to hear your name;
  • Try to learn to speak with the person on the topic which he is interested. It is necessary to learn about his Hobbies and interests. If you show interest in his classes, and to say about something good, believe me, after that your interlocutor will become to trust you. After that, it will be much easier to communicate;
  • Talking, try his way to compliment. The main thing that he was sincere. Not praise, namely a compliment.

Remember, you should not confuse the word «social Climber». After all, it career advancement in the field of its activities, achievements.

In order to quickly and will soon rise up the career ladder, you need to complete seven mandatory steps to success:

  1. Continuous improvement of his manner of conversation;
  2. Try to avoid ignorance:
  3. Of confidentiality;
  4. To tolerate the established internal standards;
  5. Stick to punctuality;
  6. Don’t waste time;
  7. Always try to be friendly and helpful person.

Adhering to these rules will help you earn respect from superiors, create your image, it will consolidate a positive image in accordance with the requirements of the company in which you work and grow in the eyes of his superiors. They, naturally, will pay attention to your qualities and will certainly be offered a higher position than you now occupy.

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