How to find yourself and your method

in search of himself

Perhaps one of the most serious and major obstacles on the way to the first million is the problem of the way to make money. So focus on this subject more, because, in deciding this issue, you will automatically deal with everything else.

So, the person who decided to change your financial situation, first think about how to implement it in reality, that is what business to choose. And at this stage it is often mistaken, and it happens for several reasons.

First, we often follow the principle «I WAN, I want one», but rarely think about whether we need a foreign way of earning money? On checking it turns out that, as a rule, is not suitable. Trying to copy someone, we usually can’t combine two main things — wealth and pleasure. Permanent climbing into someone else’s skin is fraught with internal tensions and dissatisfaction. Someone else’s track can only lead to happiness, but not to your personal.

The use of another method is fraught with internal tensions and dissatisfaction

Secondly, you should understand that every person is unique. He comes to this world with inherent only to him alone the ability to Express themselves, and no other recovery methods or the disclosure of talent not good enough for him. In this case, a reasonable approach is to focusing on others, taking what is suitable to adapt itself, and the only way to find the middle ground.

See how others earn, learn and … earn its own way

Thirdly, as history shows, only he is truly happy who adhered to their inner self, their ancestral aspirations. Judge for yourself, how can a person who is called to be a musician, make lots of money and become happy, engaged in coke production? Even if from a financial point of view, he will be able to put the production on the right track, the soul still can not find peace and not to have fun. Inside will gradually accumulate tension, which sooner or later lead to periods of depression and deep frustration, which becomes chronic.

To achieve material wealth and become happy at the same time is possible only by following your inner self

Fourth, many complain that their natural aspirations, they are unable to earn enough. For example, we often hear: «Does a painter is a profession?» The answer is very simple. Of course, as long as your passion remains at the Amateur level is the only hobby that is not able to provide you and your family. But once you become a Pro in your favorite area, as you will immediately be able to earn good money, because the value of a professional is measured not by his focus and professionalism. Just compare what is the salary of a musician in transition, who barely knows three chords, and as the professional who plays in a Symphony orchestra or a prestigious club? Here is the difference. Here is an example of my friend’s life.

Arthur long was fond of computers, but all this remained on a normal user level. Parents advised him to choose some serious specialty, e.g., lawyer or Manager. But he didn’t want to part with their hobby. And here Arthur sat down at the books and for a year devoted himself to a detailed study of all that is related to computers. As a result, following his inner nature and passion, he became a skilled programmer and now working as system administrator for a very prestigious firm, which has a good wage.

So, the fascination turned from Amateur to professional, while the inner essence of man received its implementation.

The seizure raised the professional level, is an ideal basis for good earnings


The first option. Part 1

  1. Remember that you are most interested in childhood, you loved to draw or dance? Try to remember not who you wanted to be, and exactly what you most liked to do.
  2. Now mark, if you had the interest, he has grown into a hobby or so and have remained a pipe dream that you buried under a pile of worldly cares, labeled «unfulfilled dreams».
  3. Really appreciate, gives you your job of pleasure in the full sense of the word? How she responds and says whether it is your hobby and delight children?
  4. Now it depends on how you answered the previous question. If the work is absolutely far from what you would like to do, then you need to think about how to resume their hobby. It is clear that if you are already elderly and as a child loved to draw, it might be difficult, although it is only at first glance. After all, the ability to draw can be claimed in many areas, where there is a place to use this ability. The main thing — to show imagination and not be afraid of the new. Young people will be easier: select the area in which you would like to work, and to plan how to become a professional, then attach a maximum effort to realize his dream.

Part 2

If you have already decided the area where you are going to earn money as a professional, now follow details to develop ways to implement the plans. If among your acquaintances there are people who have done something similar and, for example, became a writer, dreaming about it since childhood, then take a look at it, please note what methods he uses. Highlight the main stages of the realization of his dreams. For example, he struck up a personal acquaintance or, conversely, send their works in different magazines, went to College or wrote as God blesses, etc. Try to be bigger to appreciate such a person and highlight those techniques that you would are able to use slightly adjusted to make them for yourself.

Here is an example from my personal experience. For sample, I chose a respected man, who had been largely ideal. To succeed, I decided to take a closer to look at him and noticed that he never uses such words as «can’t», «won’t», «it’s not my business», etc. He always walks with a straight back and always ready to say Hello first, which creates the impression of being serious, self-confident, but not suffering from pride and are able to always communicate with you on equal terms. Trait to greet and to speak first of many shot a sense of unease. People already subconsciously was grateful for what he first took a step forward, so I wanted to make some gesture.

These and many other qualities I tried to emulate, after correcting by itself and its specific purpose. As a result, my posture became straight, and those who before me did not pay attention, suddenly began to offer me new ways to work. Being a shy man, I never learned the first to greet, but to make the communication a step forward with a smile still mastered. The result exceeded all my expectations.

Since then I always use the method of «borrowing and adjusting themselves under the» others ‘ positive qualities, and I must say, it works flawlessly.

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