How to find time to achieve their goals

The achievement of the objectives

«Obstacles are those frightful things you see, looking away from your target.» — Henry Ford. One of the most difficult challenges in achieving any of its purposes, it is usually a struggle because we are constantly trying to postpone everything for tomorrow, or next week, because of all the urgent tasks piled upon us at work and at home. And tomorrow, unfortunately, the story of the delay is repeated again and again.

So if you seriously want to achieve the goal, we must begin to act today. To find a free time, of course, a big problem. Of course, all of us have stressful and busy lives, we all are very busy, swamped with lots of work to do. And even if we have a little time, we usually feel very tired for anything that requires energy or thinking. In those moments, we often want only to place his limp body in front of TV, or just sleep.

So still, where and how to find time to achieve their goals?

Recently I was asked by one of the readers:

How to find the time? I don’t know where to start working on your order, because I feel that I have to sacrifice something important to you. I am very interested in your answer, as a father of 6 children, what you sacrifice in your personal life to achieve their goals?

I was not able to immediately answer such a simple question. Just there is no one simple trick that magically immediately would find a bunch of free time to engage in your goals. For this to work, to make commitments, it needs motivation … but of course, it can be done. And I did, being married and having 6 children, until recently, working two jobs, I found time to train to run a marathon, to work on the repayment of all loans, to go on a healthy diet, to parse the chaos in all spheres of life, in order to learn to get up early for so much more.

How? I achieved this by making not one step but a whole series of steps that are consistently going one after the other:

1. One goal at a time.

Very often the problem may be caused by our attempts to pursue too many goals simultaneously. Most likely, you can make a whole list of things we want to do that covers the entire spectrum of life, from the planting of the beloved varieties of courgettes in the country, to study Italian and sports. Usually the contemplation of such know straining, therefore we can not begin to do never. Or on the contrary, we cling to them with glowing eyes, but the enthusiasm quickly dries up because it is difficult to maintain focus and energy (the two key ingredients in achieving any purpose) when doing multiple goals at the same time. Even the two cases in parallel, heavy, except when one of them you already do on autopilot. In the beginning, focus on one goal at a time. Only if you start doing this business on autopilot (if possible), then you can add another one.

2. Make sure your goal is really what you want.

It is not enough just to say «it bibiche French» or «it would be cool to do yoga every morning.» You have to really want it. Ask yourself why you want to achieve this goal, and in General how much you want. Think about what motivates you. Decide whether you need it, and that you will give the achievement of the goal. It is important to do this analysis first, then just no time.

3. Make your top priority goal.

In life many things that absorb our time, from school, work, any routine cases, to Hobbies and Hobbies. And if the priority we place all these things in front of our great Goals, you will never find time for it. In the day not so much time. So, at some point you need to pull yourself together and deal with priorities. If our goal is to have the highest priority, then we will find it.

4. Reduce the scope of their activities.

I’m a big fan of simplifying your life, and the first thing you need to do is to make a list of 4-5 most important things. Things that you really want to spend the time that you love and that bring you joy. Just say for example — in my this list are: spending time with family, write, read, and run. Everything else is unimportant or even irrelevant. As soon as you make a list, think about how to reduce the number of those classes that are relevant for you. Are you a member of the Harley-Davidson, but it no longer brings joy and satisfaction? Tactfully leave him. If you get at least a few of these classes, then you will have a plenty of time for things that you’ve been wanting to do, including for your big goal.

5. Easy.

It is important that the goal was not too difficult. It is unlikely that you will like to have a huge list of items that need to be done to achieve the goal. It will be a strain. Instead, it is better to focus on small goals that are parts of your main goal. For example, if the main goal is to start collecting money for a comfortable existence in retirement, the first part or small the goal, the study area of investment, about where and how to invest money, not to store them under the mattress and not allow them to depreciate. The second is to open the appropriate accounts to transfer money. The third is to establish a regular, automatic transfers to the account and not spend the money from this contribution. Another approach is to create habits that will lead you to the goal. If the goal, for example — to get in shape, focus first on creating the habit to walk every day (or run, ride a bike, etc.). Once this habit is formed, focus on what you need to drink only clean water. Further to that you need to eat fruits and vegetables instead of junk. And so on until the the moment the goal is achieved.

6. Stay focused.

One of the most challenging moments in achieving any goal, it’s time to stay focused on it. We can easily capture some other thing, we get distracted and stop focusing on the goal. Definitely need to find ways to keep the focus, if the goal is still important. Hang the poster on the wall, or a printout on the fridge, put it in the computer on the desktop, a picture depicting your goal. Set yourself daily reminders. Tell others about your goal directly, or through an online blog and make them daily asking about the progress.

7. Divide time into blocks.

This is a key point. Maybe I should have put it in the list at number 1, but I decided that first you need to lay the Foundation in the form of the above-described steps.

You will certainly need to divide all my time into blocks, and allocate the block to work on the goal. Choose the length that suits you — morning, lunch, after lunch, after work, late at night. Try to schedule the time so that didn’t bother you with all sorts of «urgent» business (meetings, calls, kids, etc.). And also, focus on the period of your greatest activity, when you are still full of energy and not valites feet from fatigue. For example, for me this morning, as close to dinner, sure there are things that are interfering with my plans (especially when I worked in the office), and in the evening (i.e. after work) I feel a little tired. You should also find the right block of time. Do not select less than 30 minutes. A1 hour will be much, much better. 2 hours, of course, unrealistic for most people, but your schedule may vary. If it is possible to allocate 2 hours — rejoice and use this.

8. Let this be the most important item on the schedule.

A block of time that you have planned should receive the highest priority. For example, there are plans that we take seriously — a doctor’s appointment, or an important meeting, and we do everything we can to ensure these meetings took place, and try not to be late for them. «Sorry, but I have scheduled a visit to the doctor at this time, it is impossible to negotiate without me?». But when it comes time to work on your personal goals, we often defer to them for any urgent matters. Do not allow this. This block of time should be sacred to you.

9. Show that you are serious.

Tell us about your goal to as many people (about what has to say and what not, I think, you decide for yourself). A detailed description of your goal on paper. If you can’t write the goal on paper means you are serious. Then make a plan with intermediate milestones and dates. Think in advance what obstacles can arise, and write a strategy to overcome them. The presence of the detailed plan shows that you really mean business.

10. Find your time-eaters.

In the life of almost any man there are things which can be almost painless to get rid of. We are talking about things that waste our time, and do not benefit. For example, watching TV, video games, entertainment sites, trips to bars, etc .. If you can identify such time-eaters, you’ll be able to find the time to work on your goals. Remember, if something is not included in the list, which we made in paragraph No. 4, it means that from this you can get rid of.

11. Make a path to the goal is part of the daily routine.

If your goal is achieved a week, then of course, you can skip this step. But the most serious purposes require a decent amount of time to perform, and that is why you need to implement the work on them in their daily routine. There are goals that require daily effort, say, teach yourself to eat healthy or exercise. Find a time that fits into your schedule. It is better to schedule work on a goal immediately after something that is done regularly every day, for example, it can be taking a shower or brushing your teeth, coming to work or returning from work. So will decrease the chance that you simply will forget about their job. For other purposes, which do not need to do every day, it is better to use a weekly schedule, for example, if we are talking about the foreign language lessons. Just put it on the schedule for the week and put all sorts of reminders that you yourself prefer not to forget.

«Don’t try. Do or don’t do. No attempt does not happen. «- Yoda, Star Wars

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