How to find the incentive to operate efficiently


Any working person would like to get more from work, both financially and materially. Working more efficiently, you can manage to do a lot more and have also. The realization that time does not pass in vain and used as productively as possible, gives strength and confidence. In addition, seeing how a person is doing well and quickly it turns out they might be interested in his candidacy, in the event of a vacancy of the post above. Accordingly, from the work of this man will be much more than if he neglects his duties. How to find a suitable incentive?

If you honestly perform their work day, many who will come to the disappointing conclusion that the work of the day was spent on the strength of two hours, and the rest of the time was spent on lunch, smoke breaks, discussing minor topics with colleagues, viewing email and social networks. If the salary and position you want, you can continue to continue to «work», putting important things and life later. But you can manage to make it not only work, but also to find time for yourself, self-development or hobby.

How to find incentive to work efficiently?

In fact, in ancient times called the stimulus a sharp stick, which pushed the donkeys when they didn’t want to go forward. That is to find a incentive, it is necessary to find another rider or become a rider for himself.

As in any other field, be it losing weight or learning a foreign language, incentives should be different.

First and foremost, it is necessary to define priorities. What is really important for you? What you ready day and night to work tirelessly, and you will be happy. For example, someone important income. So it may be advisable to make a log that will record the cost of working hours and the time spent. Such a magazine can be done before or after work. Not to spend a lot of time, it is possible to generalize, split not by the hour, and day by day. If the person is gaining a certain amount, at the same time to carry out their duties and found time for yourself – it may be an extra reason for pride. If he had spent the day in vain, they could get into the black list for the head and is liable to be dismissed or deprived of the award.

Also the stimulus can be a possible increase in the ranks. Take another situation: a woman working in an insurance office, but the activity of the company is not close to her. Moreover, she would like to open my own store selling wedding accessories, but you need to earn start-up capital. If every day she will remind myself about what works here for the sake of realization of their cherished dreams, then it will go much better. In other words, we should try to find something interesting for yourself: no matter the accumulation of money, the obtaining of high positions or something. If it failed, then you should find something to their liking in another company or professional field.

Except that people invent for themselves the motivation to work more carefully, it still needs to organize your day efficiently. Distribute to solve difficult and easier tasks, it is possible to assign others simple questions that can be solved without its participation, etc. However, how to effectively plan your day and work – a topic for another article.

To find the incentive, you only need to define your goals in life, in work. If you have a specific goal, and it really inspires you, then the question of finding the motivation to occur will be gone.

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