How to facilitate work in the office

office work

If you have most of the time spend in the office, then it is worth considering how to facilitate his work. This will help time management and the following 15 tips.

  1. The digitalization of everything, the dominance of paper – the main headache of office workers. Also scan business cards and get rid of them.
  2. Any document to hold once. Then transfer to work, or scan, or destroyed.
  3. Color-coded folders by topics or themes. Saves a lot of time when searching.
  4. E-mail should be easily perceived by ear and to be remembered. The decision room телeфона@mа
  5. Buy samoobrony stamps – the stamp that you often have to write by hand (e.g., mailing address).
  6. Smile when talking on the phone, changing the intonation for the better (on your phone to paste a smile).
  7. For conversation to establish regulations in the form of «in 5 minutes I’m going.» The source says briefly.
  8. Talk on the phone standing up. Your credibility will be stronger.
  9. Significant to give orders on paper but not orally. Then there’s no way to «forget», «wrong idea».
  10. The best way to memorize a large number of passwords is to create them using the same template with the site name + your console (example: vkontakte_ivan, or
  11. To remove from the desktop ALL the papers and work on only one case. See the main thing.
  12. If you hear the same question 2nd time. Add him to FАQ and guide who asked there. You stop to get stupid questions.
  13. The case, which can be done in 2 minutes, do immediately, without delay.
  14. To-do list to add a list of «NOT to do» and follow him. Example: «don’t play casual games».
  15. If something you do not want to do, and you just have to do it for 15 minutes and stop. And so a few times.
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