How to become the best in any business

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Early to find a good job or to be an expert in any field, it was enough to get a good education. Now it’s not even a guarantee of employment. Times have changed, and now we need to make efforts in the development of their qualities and skills to become a desired professional. But how to do it?

In the information age, we have a variety of courses, manuals, training programs that help develop our skills. But very few people manage to reach the top.

Comes to the aid of Josh Waitzkin, who by example showed that in the short term can become not just a specialist, and the best in the business! Josh loved to play chess and already at the age of 12 played in a draw with Garry Kasparov, and at age 16 received the title of international grandmaster in chess. At the age of 21 began to study the martial art of Taijiquan and was able to medal at the world Championships. In 20 years, have engineered a series of training the best computer chess programs Chessmaster. Today Josh is President of the nonprofit organization Association of JW, which helps students realize their unique abilities by using the correct formation of the educational process.

«However, I realized that it is best captured not tai Chi Chuan and chess the best way I’ve mastered the art of learning.»

In his book «the Art of learning. How to become the best in any business,» Josh shares the principles of learning any skills, and describes his way to the top.

This book is written in a fiction genre, without diagrams, tables and graphs. For someone to be a plus during reading bit by bit assemble the puzzle. But who likes specifics and solutions that need to learn and start to use them, will think while reading: «well, why would I want your kids stories about the first victory in the chess world, come on now, spill all your secrets.»

So, if you are interested in an exciting read that describes the real life of a man who has reached their goals, then the book for you. On his journey there were UPS and downs, and you learn how the main character managed to stand up after a devastating downs, was able rapidly to move towards the goal of developing their abilities and skills as every day managed to do better. Josh all the intricacies of the talks, making it every year reaches new heights.

Please note that it doesn’t matter whether you play chess or not. It is important that in the world everything is subject to the same laws. , Josh, applicable in any sphere of life. Take it, use it and reach the peaks!

Josh Waitzkin «Art to learn. How to become the best in any business»

Book on the official website of the publishing house «Mann, Ivanov and Ferber».

List of shops in the CIS where you can buy the book.

Original title: Josh Waitzkin «The Art of Learning»

About the book in one sentence: everyone can become the best in the business.

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