How to be successful: the 17 tips from Stephen king

Stephen King

On this very sore subject there are lots of posts and books. But people don’t stop to write new and every time they have something to add. Everyone contributes based on their own experience. The same rule for different people works differently, everyone has their own point of view and the angle at which he looks at the rule. Stephen king is one of the greatest writers who so clearly expresses his thoughts that the picture comes to life itself, and by reading his book, as if you are watching a movie. Do you think that his interpretation is really worth a look.

In his book «On Writing»( Like writing books), Stephen king talks about his work, about how you can become a professional in the business. And these tips are applicable not only to writing books. Many of them are universal.

Lesson 1. Do what you love

I would rephrase it as «love their job», as during the crisis, every job is already good. But in this phrase the writer has put something more than just a positive attitude to their work:

«For me, most of the job is when I am doing nothing. When I write, I relax, for me it’s a game…»

This rule is found everywhere, but to follow it difficult. That is, until your work will not be for you vacation, you need to move on. If you realize it, of course. Let me remind you that most of us work 5-6 and sometimes 7 days a week, and if the work turns into hard labor, the life you have will be difficult and hard.

Lesson 2. Practice, practice, practice

In order to succeed, you need to practice a lot in what you’re doing. I think that our standard «study, study, study», which drove us into the head need not always. The theory is good but practice is the main! And if you like the process of work, a lot of practice only will bring you more fun and bring more fruitful results.

Lesson 3. Be serious

Only if you’re serious about performance and results, you will be able to achieve success. Some people who like their job, treat it as a hobby. As a result, it remains a hobby, not bringing significant results. But successful are only those who approach the question of work seriously.

Lesson 4. Ignore the naysayers

«If you write, someone will be trying to make you feel like a loser, that’s all.»

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