How to attract into your life money


People have the opinion that money is not important. But how can you say this when you consider that money is all around us every day? In the store we pay money for telephone calls too. We wear clothing that has been bought. No. Money is a very important part of our lives, and those who go on about their inferiority, do not know how to attract them into your life.

The money went to you, to them and need to be treated accordingly

If you’re constantly telling yourself and others that you have no money, then, of course, they will not. Would the money come from passion for their marriage? If you have to borrow, nothing to worry about, borrow the man without a second thought the amount that you can afford to lose. If you say that you do not have money, then wait for a reply: this is what is going to happen.

But do not rush to a whirlpool with a head. Don’t need every step of the way to tell friends and acquaintances about how much you earn. It is better not to say it, try to avoid it. Not cchas the fact that yesterday you won the lottery a tidy sum. In Europe, it is generally considered bad manners. Often they do not know about the salary each other, because for them it is a question of an intimate nature.

Love money

But not for money, but for ideas. Ask any life goal and strive for it. But, as in any other case, in this idea you need something to invest. Don’t be afraid to spend money. If you learn them with ease to give, they will come back to you.

Keep your money in the appropriate form

In any case they should not be rumpled, in disarray. Buy a purse, the money should be «house».

Invest in yourself

Eat tasty food, dress in beautiful clothes, buy a good book to your life you liked. Look at them — if you don’t like how you live, so you spend money there. Money is energy. If you spend this energy on something that is not making your life better, which means that you are wasting energy for nothing.

The energy of money is divided into four levels:

  1. physical
  2. emotional,
  3. mental,
  4. and spiritual.

Each level has its own characteristics. For example, on the physical level you need to be physically active. Necessary exercise, whether it be fitness, yoga, or even running around the stadium. The higher your activity, the greater the flow of energy in your life you create, and that means money in your life will come more.

The emotional level is very important. Lack of joy will affect your energy. Try to please yourself as much as possible.

It is also necessary to maintain the mental level . Get creative, develop. No need to slip into a rut. Start to do something interesting for yourself: draw, sing, learn to cook new dishes. Anything.

Well, and spiritual level . On a spiritual level, you need to remember one thing: money energy must have an outlet. Infinite current.

There is one interesting technique

It is very simple, but it definitely is one condition — the availability of work. If not, then the money to appear out of nowhere. This should be an opportunity of growth, or above a certain amount to jump will not work. The essence of this technique is: you need to define for themselves such a place that a Higher Power will send the money. Business structure, whatever. It should be a place where money will be stored. Safety Deposit box, stash house, or Bank account. The only secret that you need to be able to ask.

Imagine how the cash flow goes into your structure. As it is distributed to production, to services to promote your business, and so on. Most importantly, do not stop to imagine. Otherwise, as soon as things start to build, and you suddenly cease to render, thinking that all is well, the process will stop and everything will collapse.

You need to show respect for the money

Grooming them, cherish. To talk to them. As if all this may sound strange, but it really works. If you are at least sometimes list, saying thus something in the spirit of «you are my good home», this way you will recharge your money energy.

Don’t let your money into the hands of other people, if you don’t give them a loan. This will break your connection with money.

You will have as much money as your mind is ready to accept

Repeatedly people who have won large sums of money, quickly pulled into the void. This is because people are not always ready to accept the amount that they received. Their minds puts a block on the energy of money and they go to another place.

If you want to be on top of life — always look to the signs that gives you fate

Do not be sad, if something does not work. Perhaps this time fate is just trying to protect you from something bad and to give the opportunity to Express themselves in the future. Try yourself in different spheres of life, so you will be able to find a niche. And then the fortune will smile upon you.

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