How not to count the days from paycheck to advance

to calculate the budget

Any budget, be it a country, region, company or family is a reflection of our efforts to create a balance between consumption and income. Sometimes, even with a very good earnings, from time to time, is undergoing the critical situation in the financial plan. It says incorrect means. Should reconsider your expenses.

«Savings» and «greed» are two completely different concepts confused which is not worth it. The savings is well thought out flow of funds. We very often spend a huge amount on the things, which, in principle, not needed. So for example, going to the store for bread (average cost of which ranges 20-30 rubles) leave there we thousands on various sweets and trinkets.

How can that be? Here are a few recommendations that will not only retain the N-th sum, but will allow you to clearly see the costs and profits

plan your expenses

Firstly, it is necessary to have a notebook, or use specialized computer programs for accounting of household expenses. Every day, when shopping, keep the receipt and all the details expenses write down in a notebook. Do not pile up checks and to defer expense entry — you just forget about them. Recording all movement of funds in a month you will be able to adequately see the real situation. And rest assured, there is not one wasted thousand rubles.

Second, plan your expenses, preferably a month in advance. Distribute your income all items of expenditure. It would be better if you get the envelopes under each name. For example: «food», «utilities», «entertainment», etc.

Thirdly, from the comfort of home, you should know that you need to buy. Get a notebook where you will write all the necessary goods. Follow clearly this list. Not to deviate from it. If you are planning to buy only the milk, so you need to buy it.

In every city there are large supermarkets that have everything at a reasonable price. They should not ignore. It would be better if you a month in advance to purchase products and goods of daily use. And within a month will be taken only perishable goods. This will save not only money but also precious time.

And finally, planning adequately distribute your expenses. Create a balance between expenses and income. If you spend on food more than 40% of your income, it is worth considering all the names in the products list so you need.

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