Cash lifestyle

Penny lifestyle

In our lives in order to obtain more of any resource (e.g., money), we often are guided by the following principle. Here first I have something to radically change his life: to find / change jobs, get promoted, open a business, etc. and only then you can think about increasing the amount of money in your pocket. Turns substitution of values: do we really want money, and it turns out that we must first curry favor with the boss for a raise, or to bother with opening the business.

What variant to prefer to You to decide

Optimally follow the situation and the circumstances that you can use at the moment

If You do not have enough money, so there is a lot of free time, so point it to the search for new solutions for Your money issue, otherwise, if you have enough money, but have no time, money can buy other people’s time.

If neither the one nor the other is the pathology, in this case, we really need to change something.

If there is money and time is what one should aspire.

Maximum use of the opportunities that You have at the moment. Fit the process of obtaining the necessary resources for Your lifestyle. And then Your life itself will change for the better.

Try to squeeze the most out of any situation

Monetize Your current lifestyle.

From a conversation on Skype with a friend:

«I understand that I need to be more organized, get up early, to work on their financial well-being, I have a problem with lack of money, I recorded in training trying to do, but nothing happens, I’m constantly frustrated and go back to your normal mode, what do I do?»

«Well what do you usually do on a daily basis, what are you doing?»

— «I am ashamed to admit sleep until lunch, sit Vkontakte, walk late.»

— «So you’re in the moment, sleep a lot, sit Vkontakte, to walk in the evenings, but you don’t have enough money. In this case, you need not break your schedule, because your body will resist and will bring you to the current state. Try to find the most simple action that will help you to start making money in a time when you do not walk, do not Vkontakte and not sleeping, and try all the time to spend on this process because of the day. Even better, if you can find a way to combine money-making with social media and the Internet in General.»

Now she earns money managing Vkontakte group, doing customer support, etc.

Instead of smashing something, come up with a way how to combine everything

So I, at the time, due to the fact that I hated to submit to other people to report someone and execute someone else’s instructions, I found a way to do the same job, but working not on the company, but for themselves.

In one interview, a well-known entrepreneur Oleg Tinkov, has told the story of the accident and the schasny his friend the millionaire.

The first co – owner of a huge company, a dollar millionaire, a deeply unhappy man, with a missing «taste of life». He had the whole day to continuously manage the company, which does not bring him any joy. At the time, he opened it only because I saw the future and the opportunity to earn.

The second instructor, surfing and skiing (Yes, this also happens ), six months he’s surfing on a tropical island, at the same time, teaching the audience the art, the second half of the year he spends in the mountains, skiing and taught others. In his spare time he writes books, notes in the men’s and sports magazines. And it too is very impressive.

The difference between them is that first conquered their way of life the process of earning money, the second, subordinated to the process of making money your lifestyle.

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