Career crisis: 5 signs that you have outgrown your position

Career crisis

You are lucky with a good job, but you can’t shake the feeling that you are not satisfied with something?

I want to drop everything to start something new?

But how to understand when to keep «their homes warm places», and when to listen to their internal desires?

Often professional dissatisfaction due to just a negative attitude, which was triggered by other causes. For example, chronic fatigue irregular daily routine or problems which you cannot forget even in the workplace. However, sometimes, inner restlessness associated with a feeling of career stagnation.

What are the signs that you have outgrown your position or work in General?

1. Exercising more is not a problem?

If you have to do the work, more than required by the job description, and this easy, consider this to be the first bell. Additional tasks may be provided by colleagues or superiors, and may be a private initiative, it doesn’t matter. It is important that this does not affect your daily work, and you can easily manage on both fronts.

2. Performance indicator higher than your colleagues

It’s easy to see when your Department has several people, and, say, you rent monthly reports of work that shows who did more, some less. But small companies can’t afford staff with dozens of departments and hundreds of employees. So sometimes it is difficult to give an objective assessment of how your efficiency is higher or lower than colleagues who do a different job. If so, remember, do you from time to time to fulfill someone else’s work that «it is not your competence»? If so, then you clearly outgrown the position.

3. You become an Advisor for everyone

Regularly give advice to their colleagues in own or other departments? And your supervisor often asks you to share the experience with colleagues? You take the position of informal leader during meetings and brainstorming sessions? You hang in resolving any emergency situations or charge you fellowship with the most complex and capricious customers? From this it is clear that you need to take a different job or change your job to another.

4. You don’t have teachers and mentors

You think that you are governed by people who know far less than you, and you feel uncomfortable when you have to give basic advice to their superiors. You find it difficult to provide for themselves an authority which is to be equal. If you look carefully around and you will not find anyone who impressed you with their intelligence, skills, erudition, this work you definitely have nothing to do.

5. Work bores

The work must not only be lightweight, it should give you something besides the routine duties and salaries. Ideally, work should be interesting, and let not every day, but should fall the task, the solution of which you will grow intellectually or professionally. If it is not, and will only be simple and the same problems, sooner or later, the usual boredom at work can be transformed into a prolonged depression professional.

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