Again on purpose

For people familiar with self-development, the theme of goals and goal setting has become nestlike igena that when they hear the words SMART goals, goals should be written, positive, they immediately pretend expert and say that it is not necessary — all have all heard a hundred times. But the apparent simplicity and obviousness that you need to set goals should not distract you.

Please tell me how obvious the following statement: is it good to run in the mornings, eat mainly fresh fruit and vegetables, do not drink alcohol and smoke tobacco, you need to spend more time outdoors. This list can be continued indefinitely, and hardly anyone would argue with these statements. But behind the apparent simplicity, people usually neglect these rules, isn’t it?

Our life is precisely because of these small basic steps. What child, when he begins to speak, immediately produces the whole vocabulary of an adult? Is it when a person acquires great physical shape or, for example, builds a successful business, this happens in one day or one hour? I doubt, though such examples, I think, was.

Hello, in most cases, success is a large number of small elementary steps towards the big goal. We need to appreciate and respect each and every step. No wonder they say that a journey of a thousand leagues begins with the first step.

I immediately came up with yoga, which I actively engaged about six months. Each of my training visual function in much the same way: I do the same asanas in sequence for a long time. Outwardly, everything looks almost the same as in the beginning of my studies, as I am not very flexible, and increase flexibility, in fact, do not aspire to. And the axis of the state in which I find myself, the meaning that I put the feelings that I experience when performing basic asanas — are very different from what I felt in the beginning of your workout.

So it is with goals. If 5 years ago I wrote down all their goals on the machine, now, recording each of them, I know the importance of this activity.

No life is unimportant cases. It all starts small. Therefore, I recommend to start setting goals right now !!! Learn more about how to effectively set goals and why it is so important can be found here.

As a bonus I offer a simple exercise:

Take a sheet of paper and write down all your goals for this year, all those, what you plan to achieve. No matter what you already know or not, how you will do it.

After all wrote — fold that sheet (I hope you were ambitious and you get more sheets), put it in a safe place and in a year look at it again.

You will be amazed by the results. I do this exercise, writing down goals on a yearly, or on every day and see significant positive changes in the quality of my life! I’m sure this technique will help you.

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