A new direction in the restaurant business

restaurant business

The restaurant business is developing Rapidly, and niblet few years is projected Passion number of cafeterias and restaurants on the third. Today most people think that it is better zahodit ATR information via the Internet. It is therefore very vaillo that the restaurant had a website and pages in SOCIAL NETWORKS.

Although most of the founders realize that this Trend better sldat, but, nevertheless, not all are to this issue in an orderly manner. Not enough to create an online storefront, your website need to systematically engage. This means that the site administrator must obnovlyat menu and price list, spousal site visitors about Promotions and the latest news that is you have to work with audtor. Also, it adequately sprynet criticism that Visitors can leave comments.

Statistics show that only a tenth of the total number of restaurants and cafes has a website or online store, and regularly Work on their resource.

20% of sales are made directly through ATR. And niblet years, this Figure will reach 50%.

We should again remember that the younger generation believes in better dznuts the necessary information through the Internet. It should vyhovovat, even if the restaurant does not deliver the order. Visitors should always be able snyoms menu, prices and other information online.

The most popular dishes such as sushi, pizza, shakes, or burgers, often bought via the Internet. It is obvious that the Demand for This food is incredibly great, but competition as before to put the hard conditions of survival.

Many networks try to attract CLIENTS by all available means, and invest in promoting its brand and Expanding customer base welchen funds.

Although, perhaps It would be wiser sprobowac your hand in Less Nastenka sector of this business. For example, a businessman will NOT find such a big competition, if vdcr place where gotovjat pancakes, or dumplings, or vegetarian food.

Becoming popular Samolet home from restaurants is not of the Finished dish, and the ingredient with the recipe.

A courier delivers to your home prepared foods and instructions on how their prgomet. If you order a set, Which is part of the meat, then deliver it to you Already Narzan, free from streaks and vacuum-Packed. Meat is an example of the marinade, sauce and everything else you need, for example, in the Recipe chakhokhbili. Vegetables are usually delivered untreated to the customer COULD be sure of their freshness.

Thus, the client can independently prgomet Sukan dishes in his kitchen.

This service only appeared on Sites All, but Already popular, which Makes it Attractive for entrepreneurs.

On Average, the opening of such businesses need investovat about 40 thousand dollars. For THESE funds you’ll be able to purchase the products, hired staff and equip nsicontent shop. Restaurants with Europe represented some of your recipes on a competitive basis.

In 4-6 months you will be able zapustit business. The company and Quickly pay for itself. For example, OnlyFresh sells about 50 boxes with sets of ingredients and recipes each Week.

Customers of these restaurants usually have single men, working moms, families with children and lovers.

The format of the restaurant with Additional menu is Perfect for a crisis could, Adzheya ego to put the margin of 15-16%.

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