«A magic kick» or how to achieve the desired

at the pinnacle of success

Any person though time in life was such that suddenly there is an idea and Intrusive is the perfect place in mind. There he constantly thinks about it and a desire to implement it. And after some time everything is done, the interest suddenly disappears, the enthusiasm wanes. And why? No positive result, and maybe its just not visible? In General, as they say, gone is the motivation to proceed. The main problem is that the process of achieving this goal is the word «need» and continue working on that you have to cheer on an emotional level.

Here may very well help the rendering method, that is, in the most prominent place to put an object or picture, that is all that will remind you about the goal. Items can be placed on the phone, on the desktop, in the car, in my purse.

If the achievement of the goal can be used for a long time, it is desirable to divide into smaller steps and achieve each of them in turn. Thus, achieving one small goal, people will motivate themselves in the future.

It would be nice to reflect on what are the advantages and benefits expected of a person in achieving the goals, what are the advantages open to them and how to change his life for better or worse? Here comes the elation, that is the man charged with enthusiasm. This state of mind it is important to remember at every stage of achieving the goal to mentally feed off their energy.

Very motivating to action is the realization that each new day closer to the fulfillment of the dream.

To reach the goal, you need every day to do small steps. Because to realize that the past day, one step closer to the fulfillment of the dream, very inspiring. But there comes a time when it seems that goal is still very far away, the time for its achievement is not enough and the enthusiasm is gradually fading. It starts to operate the internal lock and hinder motivation to achieve the goal.

People allow fears, doubts and excuses to keep it, they extinguish motivation until the moment of courage and understanding of their true desires. If people get rid of them, you will feel the motivation in its full force.

What to do if one tries, motivating myself every day taking small steps but the goal is not? Then you should think about whose really the goal. Perhaps she imposed on man by society, family, friends. Since man is a social being, he takes all the values, rules and regulations that are accepted in society, the family, and begins to convince himself that they were his.

If you think the purpose in the heart of man happy, he likes it and inspires you, a goal he wants to achieve, and if imposed, will be the setting that it simply must be achieved. Therefore, it is important to learn to separate the true purpose of the imposed, and then to achieve them will be easier and easier.

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