6 truths about leadership, which is not accepted to cover all

Time is a priceless currency-life, which unlike money is never enough. Life in our time cannot be called stable. And we don’t always know what the right thing is to spend time. Over time, we have emotional tension and other apathy. It does not allow us to make progress in your performance. But how to overcome these obstacles?

planning time

Process the result

Right, to make their work faster or better? Probably the second option is more important. Because if you ignore, will again return to the past. And then lost the pace of productivity growth. With this do the job right once, in order not to repeat several. This can help a reasonable free time.

Spend time wisely

Planning is a method of influence on your time, the purpose of which is to distribute it as efficiently as possible, in proportion to your business. If you want to avoid bad performance, we should use it. For example, make a plan on paper of your lessons today. At least, so you will be see the target for the near future. Periodically introduce new tasks and deleted the old, as they run. Consider the timing of the decision of a case. If something is hard, break into several subtasks. Remember, planning saves your time significantly!


Naturally, not knowing what the right priority to spend time, it is possible to lose all of performance. For this pre-determine the level of importance. Try to use a method such as JohnDoe. The letter a is urgent and important. B — important but not urgent. In — urgent, but not important. Mr. neither one nor the other. D — von generally unnecessary. The numbering in the sequence of priorities will play its share of efficiency progress. If set to one thing, do not go for the second until you finish the first. It seems simple, but breaking such an order it is easy to lose the speed of their performance, and ultimately, a negative result of your activities.

Frog for Breakfast

One parable: try to eat a frog, and you will see that consolation may be that the worst has already happened. In other words privates immediately to undertake heavy work in the first place, not postponing it for later. Because it will be able to spare your energy and stay cheerful all day long.

Say no

Don’t let anyone distract you from your business. Be polite enough to answer «no» to some proposal. Of course, it is done tactfully, namely to draw attention to the fact that you refuse not from personal motives.

Get rid of time-eaters

If it is early to spend a couple of hours in the shuffle was the norm, now think about it what did you spend the unit of time. Get rid of classes eaters, and better to make a list that will remove unnecessary classes.


Before you begin any task, think about the timing of its implementation and the consequences of failure. Ask yourself the following questions: What is more important and more valuable? What actions will improve my situation? How to use the most practical?


Pay attention to where you are. Maybe there are things that distract your attention from more important. For example, causal unproductive would be the mess on your Desk. In this case, get a dumpster and get rid of all the excess. With such success, you added 30% of free time that you can spend usefully.

The most important thing first

Seeing a large amount of work that needs to be completed in a very short period of time, try not to panic. Take a breath and exhale. And then take a sheet of paper and mark all the shelves. How shall describe, will, if you’ll only follow a deliberate plan. And the main thing is that you don’t have to keep in mind. It means one the pain less.

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