9 habits that guarantee success

healthy habits

A very big impact on your life have your same habits. Oddly enough, habits can lead you either to a miserable and aimless life, or Vice versa, to success. Probably many will choose the second of the two, but many who do not want to change their habits and their way of life. Successful people always pay attention to their habits and sometimes, in order to achieve success they got rid of the negative and instilled positive.


If you tuned into success and decided it was ready to act, to change yourself and your life, you need to realize that this path will be difficult and very lengthy. On the introduction of one habits the average person needs an average of about 2 months.

The list

First you need to write a list of habits, which you would like to get rid of (for example, a habit to be late, to delay things, etc.). You should know that takes away you energy, time and effort. While nothing needs to be done. These habits need to turn positive, that is, to leave home 20 minutes early, just to do business, to put back everything in its place, do not leave dirty dishes overnight and so on.

Finally, 9 habits that will surely lead you to success:

  1. Early rise. As a rule, successful people Wake up very early, about five in the morning. This peaceful time, when the streets no fuss, peace and quiet when you together to connect with nature and get energy for the whole day. Try it and you, and perhaps you’ll expand the boundaries of his consciousness.
  2. Reading books. Before reading was widespread, but now it’s out of fashion, and includes the Internet, various gadgets and social networks. It is difficult to find a person who regularly and enjoys reading. Reading books will not only contribute to self-development and education, but also help to distract and relax the brain, take a break and have fun. Reading has no drawbacks, only some pluses.
  3. The ability to simplify. Most people have a tendency to complicate things, but it only brings stress, worry and additional challenges. To simplify means to remove all unnecessary clutter. Because your head is full of not yet due the problems that you are already trying to solve, you can’t think about important. Therefore, successful people and achieve their goals. They pay no attention to the temporary difficulties, and solve problems in process of receipt.
  4. Chaos. If you feel tired not only physically, but mentally, it’s been said that you live in an environment of constant chaos, stress, hustle and bustle. It is impossible to live always online, need to catch my breath, rest, gather new strength and move on. Slow down time around you, allow yourself to be alone with themselves, to reflect, away from the Madding crowd.
  5. Exercise. Remember how in childhood you were forced to do morning exercises? And not because you wanted something to do, it’s ancient wisdom and medical fact. Getting physical exercise, the brain gets oxygen, and therefore, the health of brain significantly increases. Besides, thanks to regular exercise, your body and health will always be in order, and this is very important for success.
  6. Rest. Learn to relax without guilt. You have to be weekend days that you have the right to dedicate for yourself and loved ones. Remember, it’s okay for the weekend is not going to happen, will come everyday and you with new forces begin to work. Life is not to work without rest, and in order to enjoy it.
  7. Environment. Carefully inspect around. If people with whom you are communicating intensely, people that suck your life energy or those with whom you communicate without much pleasure? The main difference between successful people — they choose their surroundings. This environment brings them comfort, joy and pleasure. Think about it.
  8. Journal of thanks. Get a notebook and every day, well if 2 times a day (morning and evening), write down all that you’re grateful for. This may be a roof over my head, bought the car, the people that are around. In General, everything, that you want to thank God.
  9. Don’t give up. Never give up and you always succeed. Failed once, try again, and try until you will not get the desired result.

Remember that this path is not easy, you need to be patient. Believe me, it’s worth it. Don’t look back, only go forward and success will be inevitable! Only you can change your destiny, yourself, but start with habits, and then everything goes the way you want it, you’ll see.

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