8 tips on how to regain motivation

In everyone’s life at least once had problems with motivation. Sometimes there is a decline in work or work, one begins to ask themselves the question: «why should I do it?» Or «Why am I doing this?».

This loss of motivation is threatened by the fact that people are simply not able to continue to perform the required work. Nothing happens, everything goes wrong and it does not suit. At this moment it is necessary to bring the situation under control and try to re-light the fire of motivation. But do not forget that quick solutions do not exist, and all you need to think carefully about, perhaps pick up a pen and clearly write everything down.

But there are already a few ready tips that could help many people. Below are some of them:

  1. It is necessary to focus on the ultimate goal. Every job has an end, even if the process can be boring or unpleasant. But it must be remembered that the end result is always worth the effort.
  2. A break from work. Any work that is carried out over a long period of time, requires a break, and even better not one. Motivation can fade, if a person works for a long time and, consequently, tired. In this case, even a small amount of time spent at some distance from the workplace, is able to partially restore power and help to think about motivation.
  3. A short walk. If you sit long on one place, the body and mind start to get tired. In this case, a small walk will help you relax and return to equilibrium.
  4. Structuring tasks. Sometimes the motivation is just lost in the background of a huge number of tasks that are on the agenda. In such situation it is necessary to structure the tasks and to determine the relevance of each of them. Will become easier to start, as you’ll know which task is of paramount importance.
  5. A race against time. Some studies have shown that productivity can be increased if each specific impact to start the timer and run it for some time. Trying to perform an action faster than the allotted time, the person starts to think about what the job is boring or unpleasant. He thinks that it must perform faster, while the time on the timer has not expired.
  6. Change of activity. The best rest is change of activity. If a person feels that it has risen, you need to switch to another task. Changing jobs will help to briefly escape from what does not work, might even give time to think about it. If you change jobs between them, may be even not once, but two or three, it will help to keep yourself in constant motion.
  7. To carry something light. If the motivation had fallen, and there is still mountains of work, then surely in the task list to find something easy. It can be anything that will not cause difficulties and will be fast enough. Perform any action always there to encourage, a person feels that he is able to perform something. Especially for morale work, which has long waited, when it will perform. In this case, the person will feel wonderful more and that solved the case that had long been postponed.
  8. To record what had already been done. Often the person who is always doing something, no time to monitor your progress, and it seems that all his actions are futile. Then it is necessary to look back and see what has already been done. Ideally, if you record from the beginning, the stairs. Pride in the fact that already some of the work done, is able again to regain motivation.
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