8 tips from Donald trump

Donald Trump

Donald trump is perhaps one of the most successful entrepreneurs at the moment. His path to wealth and popularity is studded with amazing UPS and incredible downs the most. His life meets all the requirements that are inherent in the «American dream» — trump himself did, following eight postulates, which recommends absolutely everyone strive to be rich and successful.

So 8 tips from Donald trump:

  1. Attach great importance to what you wear. Try to look according to your own position in society. Try to look happy, rich, and certainly not saving on their own image man. Learn to earn trust. Do not be tempted to buy something for cheap clothes are almost always easily «gives», how much it is worth and your status.
  2. Before a business negotiation should be reserved next to pre-cooked provocative phrases, which you will be able to determine the true intentions and the very identity of the potential business partner. And at the same time, do not try to plunge into such «traps».
  3. Be always aware of all events occurring in the business world. This will definitely help you to hire specialists in Finance.
  4. 2 the basic principles of the future millionaire is a care and a doubt. Where the money is there and deceit, says Donald. Learn how to protect their own interests. In business strict laws and the most basic of them is that only the strong survive.
  5. Despite the number of your diplomas, do not forget about the phenomenon of intuition. Trust him and be able to feel his timid tips – they’re almost always correct. It is unclear true, but it works.
  6. Always be prepared for the worst, but believe in success. It certainly will help not to break in case of failure and keep believing in yourself. Remember, the one who does not fall only one who does not take off.
  7. Give the significance of parts and improve the memory. This will enable you not to lose control of a situation and to protect themselves from repeated mistakes.
  8. Enclose with your partner a marriage contract. Don’t let your feelings get the better of you. Come even for amorous Union as a business – without emotion and with a cool head. Because love, unlike desire for money, is not eternal.
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