7 ways to «make friends» with money

Money is an important tool to achieve our goals, and they better be friends. Know all about it, but how to do it? In fact, nothing complicated here, just enough to follow some rules that will help you with this.

The first rule. Should start from the home – from changing your attitude toward money. Analyze your beliefs and install. Try to understand what prevents you to become rich and prosperous man. Convince yourself that you are worthy of a happy life.

The second rule. Place in his life priorities and decide what is really important to you and what is secondary. Suddenly you can understand what a huge amount of money, time and effort is spent on things for you is not important. Decal this ranking allows you to direct your energy in the right direction and release the resources to achieve their goals.

The third rule. Any person is under the influence of other people, and some thoughts can be nested in the head by our parents. Try to change your beliefs about money so that they match your goals.

The fourth rule. Find your niche in life and go back to what you really interesting. The only way to achieve confidence, fulfillment, and a lot of money: if you do not feel at ease, then the work will bring pleasure and joy, and the customers will stand in line to work with you.

Rule n n the ive. The world is abundant and generous, you just have to get used to it. There are so many resources, opportunities and money as we never spend it, just see it!

The sixth rule. To learn how to get the money, first learn to give them. Every time spending money on any purchases mentally wish good to someone give. Remember: the more you give, the more comes back.

Rule the seventh. Ways to get money – a huge number, even if you are all day busy at work. Always be open to new ways of earning and income.

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