7 ways to improve the efficiency of


Many office workers do not have time to do the work not only during working hours but also after hours. The result is a clear bias in favor of personal life. And the man turns into a hybrid of a workaholic and melancholic — but such is not necessary. There are ways to increase your productivity not to the detriment of its quality.

  1. First, every morning, every productive person should begin the same way. This is because the first half hour after waking up determine all day. And the man who established the order of the day, able to control all the things that he has planned. And again, every morning have to be filled with positive emotions, because a bad mood is usually a desire to shirk work at the first opportunity. Consistency reduces the level of stress and anxiety, and calm person much more productive in their work.
  2. Secondly, you should make it a principle: the morning is not the time to check email. It should start with the planning and allocation priorities, not of answers to come of the message.
  3. Third, all the time you need to pay really important cases. And while there is always «something else» that needs to be done «quickly», in most cases it turns out that it does not need.
  4. Fourth, the necessary concentration, and this employee needs to learn how to cut off all distracting him from his work factors. Most often it is the people who… do nothing. It is known that the environment influences human behavior, so whoever wants to achieve success, it is necessary to avoid contact with the idlers at work.
  5. The fifth factor productivity — personal system. This will allow not to rely on subjective factors such as self-discipline. No matter what it is based on a personal system on the private preferences of the person or scientifically sound base — it should be mandatory. Even the great geniuses made up a routine that fit them in all respects.
  6. The sixth rule — the definition of objectives. And it should be done even not in the morning and evening of the previous day. So man programs himself — immediately after waking up he already knows what one must do in this day.
  7. The seventh — every day should end… ritual. It can be cleaning your desktop on the computer or in the office, making a to-do list or something else. Importantly, the ritual was associated with the work.

And finally, a little advice. If you are not satisfied with your job or your salary, don’t be afraid to change jobs. Maybe, work in Poland is exactly what you need, but it can be challenging to decide on changes. Remember that only depends on you, whether you are a successful person or will remain undervalued by the employee.

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