7 secrets of success from Randy gage

7 secrets of success

Randy gage is a classic example of the realization of the American dream. He went from a dishwasher to a millionaire. In his books he did not hesitate to share their secrets of a successful life.

Randy was engaged in the restaurant business but went bankrupt and was left heavily in debt and without confidence in the future. But that didn’t stop him, and he began his way up in his pocket, a debt of $ 50,000. To pay for housing and earn his food , he delivered pizzas and worked as a dishwasher.

He never gave up and constantly searched for opportunities to earn and succeed in life. And got his chance. He liked the idea of MLM business that did not require large financial investments. Due to its persistent nature, Randy was able to become successful and earned millions of dollars in this business.

So, the 7 secrets Randy gage:

1. The law of voids

If You want a new car, sell old. New clothes will stick to you when you get rid of the old one. Ruthlessly leave their stereotypes. The emptiness necessarily filled with something new.

2. The law of circulation

Everything flows, everything changes. If you want to realize your dream, be prepared to sacrifice something for the sake of it. Learn to let go of what you own to get what you want.

3. The law of imagination

First of all, you should see your bright and successful future in your imagination. Imagine your perfect future, a perfect day, describe it in detail and read every day.

4. The law of creativity

You can achieve prosperity through energy of his thinking, intuition and imagination. Develop them, be a creative person, and you will be able to find happiness.

5. The law of receiving

To get out of life what you want, don’t be afraid to share with others what you have now. Everything that you give will return to you tenfold.

6. The law of tithing

It is the law of the Universe. It is important to give 10% of what you received. And your tithe always come back to you. Not necessarily in monetary terms, it may be reconciliation with someone, a happy coincidence, recovery, etc will get back. You need to believe it.

7. The law of forgiveness

Not learning to forgive and letting go of your resentment, you can not become rich and successful. Learn to forgive, get rid of hatred in your soul there will be no room for happiness and love.

Begin to implement these simple rules into your life, and you will notice that your life becomes happier and more successful.

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