7 rules of success

In today’s article we will talk about what is success, how to become a really successful person and compliance with any rules will help you with this.

successful guy

How do you understand these terms?

Based on official definitions success refers to the achievement of some important results. Accordingly, a successful person, you can call a person, who regardless of the circumstances, achieves a particular purpose.

A successful person can not be born. They can only be. And it is quite possible for everyone of us. There is no such thing as fate or luck — it’s all excuses for people who are afraid to step forward.

There are a few rules by which you will be able to become a really successful person, a role model, a leader. Get to them:

1. It all starts from scratch

No one will come, do not say, what to do, how to achieve goals, will not help finances. You are the master of your own destiny. Be aware of it. Admit it. Everyone starts with the first step. He’s usually timid, but the most important. Believe me, millions of people did not do that step, fear of change, of responsibility or of public opinion.

2. Have to pay for everything

Do not think that your life will not change and you will not lose anything. You always have to sacrifice something for the success. Finances, reputation, time, … get ready for it. If you are not yet ready for something to lose, something to give, you success will remain just a word. In order to succeed we have to stay up nights, go on heads, to communicate with a huge number of people to the detriment of time you could spend with your family. Business meetings can take place in the holidays and at weekends. Any business requires investment. A lot of behind will say about you is not flattering things, and if it hurts you — you are not ready for success.

3. Be mistaken

Error — the gateway to success. They mean only that you have begun to act, and you need to go the other way. There’s nothing wrong with small errors. So scary never to try, afraid to make mistakes.

4. Like attracts like

While you deal with the envious, boring, grey people, to success you wouldn’t come. Your environment should be a successful person, who achieved something in life. And success is not the number of followers in social networks, the real success is the name in large letters in a respectable publication, this is 20-30 per year visited countries, higher education of children in Europe. But with such people you need to communicate, looking at them, you will experience a sense of inferiority, and while it will eat you, you will want to act. On a subconscious level you want to prove to the world and yourself, including that you are better than them. Because it is — you’re not better than them, you are better than them, and everything is in your hands.

5. Learn to formulate goals

Many people never succeed in life only because they do not know what they want. You should know clearly what you want, what you seek, what you should have in a year or two. Be sure to detail the goals, break them down into tasks.

6. Changes and passive lifestyle is incompatible

In order that success was your faithful companion, you simply must become an active person. Begin with something simple like a morning jog for 15 minutes, walk to work together, ride in a hot bus, the purchase of a gym membership. Once an active lifestyle becomes a habit, and you will not want to waste time on TV shows or movies, you will want to get up early to go somewhere, and this is the key to a successful life.

7. The presence of a source of motivation

You need to have before eyes an example to follow, people looking at which, you will want to become better. His actions, his achievements, they should always be in front of you, at hand, handy, on the phone, they have to annoy you so you wanted as soon as possible to achieve heights more solid than he is. To have your idol biting elbows, and thought about how to get ahead of you!

These are the basic rules of success. Based on these postulates, you can begin to act, and to approach the realization of the most cherished dreams!

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