7 keys to success


Success is not the exclusive prerogative of the elected groups of people. Success can reach everyone, if it is to have the willingness to go to him. There are seven so-called keys, which form the basis for a person to become successful. Applying sequentially, a person increases their chances of success in any endeavor or already beginning the work.

However, first and foremost for themselves, we must clearly understand that success must be able to accept and not to use force. You have the ability to make success only when inside become successful. By changing ourselves from the inside by rebuilding their own beliefs and thoughts, gradually, changes begin to occur in real life and in the world around you.

So, here are the rules on the road to success

  1. The first key to success is courage in setting goals. Those people who managed to climb high was ready for action and had the courage. As said by Dale Carnegie, the boat called «Confidence» will always see its shores. Think, are you courageous enough to achieve seemingly impossible goals. Man can achieve great heights in your own life, if he never attempted to attain seemingly impossible things. The word «impossible» means your internal lack of readiness for success in a particular case. It pulls you back like a heavy load, not giving up. Meanwhile, the word means only your belief, not real facts or circumstances. Never say that you can’t implement something, you’d better tell me just not want to. To become stronger, only leaving their comfort zone. In practice, this means that the need to increase the volume of the work you used to do. Should reconsider their expectations, and the imagination to complement a new and much more features. Begin to act, and luck along with success will come to you.
  2. The second key to success lies in the fact that the rate of their failures should be redoubled. Most people think failure is the enemy of success. However, this is not true. Failure can knock you, but it is possible and to learn to operate more efficiently. Therefore to make mistakes is helpful. Not very many people have achieved real success with minimal number of failures. Through a huge number of errors and failures is the path to true success. A man falls many times before he turns to go smoothly and without falling.
  3. The third key to success is to use their own. Will is what distinguishes successful people from others. Not power, not knowledge, but it will. Will the same strong desire. That success came to you, you must wish it as much as anything else. You can be very strong or highly developed intellectually, but in the absence of the will or strong desire such qualities will have no value. The desire should be to constantly see the image of your goal achieved. It depend on the willingness and motivation to activities and goals.
  4. The fourth key to success is commitment. This means that the chosen direction is impossible to retreat. Thoughts of defeat should not bother you. With the favor of the closely connected determination. Thanks to her, people can achieve greater results than those who are simply interested in anything. It is the determination to draw the line between simple interest and focused intent.
  5. The fifth key to success is the preference. Great must be the quantity and quality of the performed action. This is the key to transition to another, higher level of development, and therefore the approach to success. Success requires continuous improvement. Strap all the time should be increased. On the road to success stagnant in one place is tantamount to degradation and regression.
  6. As the sixth key to success used vision. This is the ideal that is in your thoughts and heart. This is something you one way or another, all the time aiming for. What we want to build in your life and are building is ourselves. You must learn to think in such a way as to keep within yourself to see your goal already accomplished. This is extremely important. Concentrate on the result, not the process, then the work itself will be easy and invisible.
  7. The seventh key is that success may not come to you, you must come to him. Such was his nature. Can never become a successful lazy person. Even if he does it more than other people, laziness, sooner or later will provide a regressing effect.

Success comes to only those who are willing to work hard and to go to him.

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