6 truths about leadership, which is not accepted to cover all

The leaders are not given easily, they bear a great responsibility, and this means that they face on their path with a huge number of difficulties.

What the leaders prefer not to talk?

the leader of the lion

1. Life is politics

When you took on the role of leader, you are faced with the fact that you have to understand the politics of everyday life. If you do not know how to do, you will lose your position. To persuade the child not to scream in the supermarket, attain a raise, and so on. Effective relationships are the Foundation of a successful political game in everyday life.

2. Successful people are not popular

In the beginning you are surrounded by many people who are willing to support you. At work friends and colleagues. When you only plan to attain leadership positions around you many friends, but when you are successful around you are some subordinates. Success makes you unpopular.

3. Others are not interested in the history of the leader

Every person thinks that his personal story will be of interest to others. But the leaders know that the most interested people in their life story and success is themselves. So they never talks about himself a lot, and don’t complain. More attention the leader pays to other people, he listens to their stories and establish a friendly relationship. Thus, leaders are seeking a relationship of trust from the people around them.

4. There are always observers

When your business is not very good, do not tell the world about it, especially about it not worth it to know subordinates. Leaders know one simple truth: people are by nature observant and usually discuss among themselves their observations. To trust their feelings only to a narrow circle of close people. This is another reason why the leaders don’t have a lot of friends.

5. All fear

Everyone is afraid of something, and leaders are no exception. What a great responsibility lies on the person, the more he is afraid not to cope. But forward movement is possible only because man is able to look into the eyes of fear and overpower it.

6. Energy, like time, must be able to save

Around so often say that time is a precious and non-renewable resource for humans and it should be able to save, but the much less you can hear what you also need to save your energy and plan its consumption. People occupying leadership positions, share their tasks on energy-intensive and inspiring. Of course, mainly to do what inspires us and gives new strength, than the fact that these forces takes. By the way, the same principle of separation can be applied to dealing with people. Communicate more with those people who charge others with his positivity and aspire to be like.

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