3 the problems associated with starting the business

idea to do business

You have a good idea and the desire to do business? You have found a niche in the market or just your personal know-how, which should propel you to entrepreneurial heights? Congratulations! You have taken the first step in the entrepreneurial era. Now you just need to convert your dreams into reality and not trip over the first obstacles, which are inherent to the business. What problems should decide a budding entrepreneur? And can they be avoided?

Problem number 1. The lack of funds «to start»

Not counting administrative fees, the biggest problem for aspiring entrepreneurs is start-up capital. The authorized capital is created mandatory in companies, limited liability companies, joint-stock companies. However, the initial capital is not the only expense that needs to be carried out at the beginning of the business. If you concentrate on producing and selling various products and goods, you need to invest in production equipment, the rent of the building, as well as logistics, and in this case, we are talking about a lot more money. You also need to make investments in business suits, the price of shipping http://bagstore.com.ua/ can see.

Solution. In the case of the joint-stock companies, also offers the sale of ready-made companies or business «turnkey». If you encounter a problem of complete lack of initial capital for business, you can see interesting variants of business loans offered by the overwhelming majority of domestic banks.

Problem number 2. The bureaucracy and red tape

Regardless of whether you want to create a company or to do business on a commercial basis, get ready for endless paperwork and trips to different instances. To obtain a license, of course, a little easier than to start a company, but if you are too much to deal with officials or had no need to decide the case in state institutions, you need to arm yourself a good dose of patience and to be prepared to «unusual experiences». Expect long lines, cranky customers and officials who think of you everything else, but not in a good direction.

Solution. Start to decide things in advance and prepare for the worst. If you intend to create a company, but not familiar with the process and you have no experience, try to find a company that sells a ready made company or creates a company under the key. So you’ll save much needed financial resources and precious time.

Problem number 3. Bad time management

You do not have time, and you have no enough time? During the day, you are constantly in motion, and you feel that you do, in fact, did not? In one activity can’t stay longer than a few minutes? You do everything and actually not doing anything? Business correspondence alternating with chatting and games on Facebook or chatting with friends? And this is neither good nor effective action. In this case, over your time management needs a little work. This problem is much more acute than the aforementioned bureaucracy or the lack of Finance. And like it or not, poor time management and inability to work effectively over time, will affect all aspects of your life.

Solution. Learn how to work efficiently and create accurate plans. Perfect night to write down all the tasks that await you tomorrow, and give them importance. You can also create a detailed schedule and exact timing. This, then, you need to follow unconditionally. Every day, you have to have a certain amount of time for unexpected problems that require immediate execution. With all the work, however, should be mindful of relaxation and recreation.

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