17 of the rules of leadership

Set goals

The article presents 17 tips that you should know, of course, if you are not afraid to be a leader for yourself.

  1. Set goals. In all.
  2. Come meet the circumstances, don’t wait until circumstances will come to you.
  3. Live with humor. Something that is impossible to learn, on this you can laugh.
  4. Do the experiments. On yourself, on people around yourself, over your destiny. Failures will be forgotten, triumphs can go down in history.
  5. Give people merit for your General ideas and achievements. Go ahead, this is only part of leadership. You should also sometimes go near them.
  6. Be an optimist. Always ask yourself: «what if you succeed?»
  7. Invent your own rules and live by them. The winner is not the one who best plays, and the one who sets the rules of the game.
  8. Believe in yourself and believe in those who follow you.
  9. Love people. Half of the people you will not answer for it nothing, the other half will give three times more, than took.
  10. Ask yourself the question «how can I learn more». Tomorrow will be better than today only if you will be better tomorrow than you were today. Or quite hard: if you don’t improve, you become worse.
  11. Know your talents and build your life around them. Help others find their talents.
  12. Trust people of their work, delegate. Take all the work, it is an even greater sin than to take all the money.
  13. Plan your day. The leader plans his day for himself. For other people plans to build leaders.
  14. Don’t pay for knowledge twice. Don’t spend your entire life looking for the answer that someone else has spent his. Buy the ideas of others. Not greedy always pays twice. In the worst cases, greedy pays only once, but in the end paying a lot of wasted life.
  15. Leaders can alternate the globe with a microscope. They think big, but selectively go into details when considering the key points.
  16. The right leaders make decisions. Where a normal person would take ten decisions, only one leader will take, and will not doubt it. They say leaders can see the future. Hmm, this is not true. They don’t see it, they create it, but at the same time clearly know what they are doing.
  17. Make the world a better place.
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