15 principles of success

to succeed

For anybody not a secret that in order to succeed, you need a lot of work. As once said bill gates: «Between ass and sofa the dollar will never fly». But sometimes it happens that the whole labour and extraordinary perseverance does not bring any results. There are two reasons for this unproductive activity: you work with laziness, or ignore the basic principles of success. If the problem is in the first reason, then you need to take yourself in hand, otherwise your whole life will work in idle. But to ignore the principles of success should not, to avoid this, they need to see.

  1. So, the first principle can be called the principle of the mirror. How we relate to the world and our environment reflects our inner essence. If we find traits that we like it is our own strengths. But if we don’t like something, it is a direct allusion to the fact that it is with these qualities we need to fight for themselves.
  2. Do not forget that every person you meet in life, intended to have something to teach you.
  3. You need to understand that everything you give is returned, this so-called principle of the boomerang. Understanding this simple principle is the key to success.
  4. Always give more. Treat people better than they to you.
  5. If someone is aggressive to you – take it. And it’s not hatred of the person, but in latent call for help and lack of love.
  6. To interest other people, be interested in, above all, their life. To put it simply, listen more than talk and encourage the person, and then any source, will drive you into the framework of best friends, most importantly do not overdo it.
  7. Light and darkness – these qualities are in each and just depends on the person, which of these qualities will manifest in a given situation.
  8. There is always a choice, learn how to see the scenarios.
  9. The main Foundation of any relationship is trust and that this relationship flourished, they need to cultivate and constantly pay attention to them.
  10. It is necessary to remember only that person can be called a friend, who can share in your joy.
  11. Be patient, true success loves him.
  12. Focus correctly on what you focus in your life, will always multiply.
  13. Changing, evolving every day.
  14. Any problem is good advice.
  15. And finally, all the restrictions that exist, it tricks your brain. There are no prohibitions and, moreover, nothing is impossible.
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