14 secrets of time management

Success is determined by our results in life, so they are important. But, many people stay in a process that often takes much more time than really necessary. This is for one simple reason — lack of time management skills. How to learn how to allocate their time to maximize their effectiveness? Let’s look at 14 tips on this topic.

1. Learn how to plan is the Foundation of time management.

If you do not plan for the long term, you do not get paint work on every day. So, once a month, year, week and every evening you should pay some time to fix on paper a list of their cases.

2. Lists of things to always keep before the eyes.

You can make notes of important things on stickers, glue them on your computer or somewhere in sight on the desktop. Every activity is disrupted and thrown away the sticker with the mark. Contrary to popular belief, if you keep before the eyes of all, it will be easier to concentrate on the task at hand because you will be relaxed for everything else.

3. Do not take on more obligations than you’re able to perform.

The mismatch between the tasks and the time you can spend, dagelet so that you begin to experience stress, and this negatively affects your concentration. So, plan your day as much as you are able to perform.

4. It is very important to identify your most productive working hours.

For most people is between 7 to 11 am. It was at this time the person is able to perform most of the planned tasks. Determine for yourself this time and try to release it only for work, even though you will have to get up early. Thanks to this you can reduce the time you spend at work several times.

5. Analyze each day.

Try to determine the reasons why you do not have time to do what you need or what you have planned. There may be several, so start to deal with each of them separately.

6. In addition, it is important to identify what steals your time.

What are you distracted while you work, and what classes you are taken on a sense of time? Maybe you can’t put games on mobile, chatting with a friend or social networking? Test yourself and say goodbye to those that steals from you the precious time!

7. First, urgent and important

Remember that the most difficult and unpleasant tasks that all of us want to defer, should be performed early in the day, when you have full energy, so to speak — with a fresh mind. Because of this you will be able to spend on their performance much less time.

8. Automate.

Review your daily duties, and consider what part of them can be automated. If you find such tasks, be sure to make them automatic. For example, you can create automatic mailings, bill payment, duplicate orders. All that you can do for the computer, let him do — let him such pleasure.

9. Delegate.

Part of you is automated, and you definitely still have a part that can be transmitted to others. Very often people, especially managers, suffer from so-called «syndrome proteins in the wheel.» They try to control everything, to take part in each process. This is the path that leads to energy crisis and burnout. If you want to wisely and effectively manage your time, learn to trust delegation.

10. Encourage.

Don’t forget that it is important for you to reward yourself for each step forward in time management. For example, today you managed to make a good plan, reward yourself for it. Tomorrow buy yourself a new pen for that coped with the tasks a little faster, and the next day — go somewhere fun because you were able to delegate their duties.

11. Rauvite assertiveness.

A very important quality for time management is assertiveness. It would seem, where the relationship between time Management and assertive? But, it is. If you develop this quality you will not be used by those people who have previously abused your tenderness and kindness. Saying «no» to the insolent, who have a parasitic habit, you save a lot of time.

12. Samosovershenstvovaniya.

Constantly work on yourself and raise your level of professional qualities. If you can do your job better and faster will only need to devote more time to personal and professional growth.

13. Find time to relax.

Timely and regular rest is also part of the skillful time management. If your to-do list, no rest, so you will not be effective. Remember the Golden rule of efficiency — works well a good rest!

14. Don’t leave the next day, outstanding tasks.

Better to hold on a bit, so with a clear conscience to go to bed. By the way, if you systematically remain unfulfilled things in your list, you should revise your plan — maybe somewhere you are making a mistake.

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