14 reasons why objectives are not achieved

the achievement of the objectives

In life every person has goals and desires, but it turns out that only a few are. Not only on circumstances but also depends on us whether we will achieve the goals set. Let’s see if all the interfering factors which you removed from his path to the goal.

  1. Purposes too much. Is the dispersion energy, time and resources. As a result, if there is, it is insignificant. You must learn how to prioritize.
  2. Purpose only in the mind. If you did not record your goals, consider that they have not. Commit goals to paper ensures 50% of success.
  3. The vague wording. Just write down on paper what you want — a little, still need to properly formulate their thoughts. For example, becoming rich is the goal about. Years to seek it and understand you have reached it or not. Carefully consider your goals, because, as you formulate it, this result will.
  4. A false target. Higher education at the least the faculty ( «what would mom not upset»), graduate school ( «just for show»), new coat ( «what would girlfriend jealous») are examples of false targets when the basis of motivation is not our desire but a necessity to satisfy the desires of others. Learn to listen and understand their desires.
  5. Someone else’s goal. We so often want to have a husband or wife, children, parents that don’t notice in your list of goals enter that does not depend on us. Understand that you will not become a husband to earn more, but the wife does not become slimmer in just because you wanted it. Change your life and then people around you will also begin to change.
  6. Unrealistic goal. Often we set ourselves too little time, they just do not know how to adequately assess the amount of required effort and resources. Remember that there are no unrealistic goals, there are unrealistic deadlines!
  7. Self-sabotage. We ourselves have to stop yourself to reach your goals. Constantly there are some important things (often pseudo-essential) or reasons not to do now. Laziness, poor health, heavy workload, the morning got off on the wrong foot, a bad day is just a few of the excuses that we make for ourselves. Learn to track the moments of self-sabotage, and exercise the willpower on the way to the goal!
  8. Uncertainty about the reality of achieving the goal. On the one hand we try to imagine these beautiful pictures of our future, and with another — have little faith in their achievement. The absence of such faith leads us. Unfortunately, the subconscious is not fooled. Believe in your goals and visualize often!
  9. The uncertainty in the forces. Uncertain steps lead to zero results, which in turn makes us even more insecure. Break this vicious circle! Believe in yourself!
  10. Fear. We have a lot to fear in this life, but the biggest fear that stops on the way to the goal is fear of failure, of mistakes, of failure. Well, nothing! Don’t make mistakes, only those who stand still, so go ahead, make mistakes again and keep going!
  11. A lot of thought means little. We were taught that first, before any thing we need to think that we have completely forgotten how to do. To achieve the desired try to do sometimes without thinking.
  12. The limitations in perception of the world. Often we miss new opportunities because you don’t see them. Be open to the world. Live consciously and then new opportunities will not go unnoticed.
  13. The lack of plans. Often, the desired objectives of time, because, as you know, small, routine cases are able to eat all my free time. Plan each day, allocating at least an hour on the «target» of the case, and the result will not keep you waiting.
  14. The unresolved question «what to do?» . Sometimes the goal is known, but what needs to be done to achieve it — no. Look for the answer in developing the literature, trainings, coaching.
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