12 tips to increase productivity


Very often even the most hardworking and diligent people can’t achieve big goals in your life. It would seem that the man works from dawn to dusk, studious, persistent, and success is all not to see. The problem is that the work in this case does not bring results, but it is our ultimate goal. How to change the situation? Let’s look at 12 tips that will help to increase productivity and with less effort to greater effect.

  1. Define your global goals, because without that you will not be able to concentrate their forces and send them to the right place. If you don’t have specific goals, you will simply be wasted, however nothing worthwhile will not do.
  2. People will make a lot of chaotic movements, if he has not developed a plan that is specific route that leads him to the goal. So, break a strategy to achieve your goal into many steps, which are evenly distributed between all days that you have set aside for its implementation. This will be your plan.
  3. Determine priorities, and their order. What for you in the first place, what is equally important, and that generally means little? Give the answer to myself this question — it will help you properly allocate your time and effort.
  4. Take time to relaxation. If you will feel the strength you quickly vidican, and it will reduce your efficiency.
  5. Do not throw the begun business and unfinished, in favor of something suddenly remembered. Not to forget the important things will help you list or diary. Also can use different apps and computer programs that will remind you what and in what sequence to perform.
  6. A lot of processes that we perform regularly, you can automate. It will save your time and you will be able to send it for obtaining results in other areas. Analyze your activity and determine which processes can be automated.
  7. Love the minimalism — it will greatly simplify your life. Minimalist work will help you to keep only important and get rid of unnecessary actions. Minimalist interior will make cleaning an easy task, make your life more comfortable and streamline it.
  8. Learn trust-delegation — do not try to cover everything. Be sure to find people who cope well with those tasks that you can not.
  9. Don’t let someone manipulate you, examine all possible methods of psychological protection, so no one can use you.
  10. Zoom in to itself only those people who have a constructive impact on your personality. The less in your life of unnecessary obstacles, the more you will have results.
  11. Daily be engaged in their development. Work on their strengths because it makes no sense to devote his life to the struggle with shortcomings. We have limited time, so don’t waste it on something that will bring less benefit.
  12. Leave yourself the right to fail — this will allow you to avoid disappointment in yourself and change the direction of their efforts, in that case, if you have something does not work. Don’t slow down, because mistakes are also part of the way to the goal.
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