12 tips on how to do everything

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To learn how to manage your time for each. Any person, there is 24 hours a day, no more, no less. Surely you have dreams, plans, goals and desires that you continually put stuff off, but it never comes, does it? How to learn to manage your time to make a lot?

How to stop wasting life in vain

  1. Write on a piece of paper, how much time per day you spend on social networking, TV, computer games, talking on the phone, etc. you Might be surprised, because most of us don’t even notice how much time they are wasting.
  2. Make a schedule for next week. A large number of business people keep a diary, making it record of upcoming tasks. This is a very useful thing, because thanks to a clear action plan you become a more disciplined person.
  3. Eat separately from other cases. Usually watching TV at Breakfast, lunch or dinner only prolongs the meal at least 15 minutes, but you could have them to spend on more important things.
  4. Stop to be lazy. Grow, learn languages, draw, join a gym or choose what you like. Watch TV or surf the Internet you still have time.
  5. A legal holiday. Treat yourself once a week day off, which can spend on whatever you want. It can be a walk with friends, watching a favorite show, a break from the working routine.
  6. «Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today». Oh, how true is this popular saying. No matter how difficult, do what you need today, in spite of laziness, lack of desire and mood. Tomorrow you will say to yourself thank you for it.
  7. Read some books on the rational allocation of time. Feel everything in their experience, the authors of these books reveal the secrets that will increase productivity and save time.
  8. Cut off the habit to take on several things at once. No good this habit will not. You will find it difficult to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, while maintaining necessary quality of work.
  9. «Eat the frog». What does it mean? You need to do the most difficult and unpleasant thing is in the morning to the rest of the day you could spend on something that will be easier, therefore you don’t have to torment myself with thoughts about approaching complex cases and will no longer delay the process.
  10. Learn to say «No.» No matter how polite a person you are, not to take on other people’s problems. And so you have lack of time, what more to reduce their productivity? To help a friend — a good thing, but not at the expense of their time.
  11. Complete training on time management. Professionals will help you to allocate time with the right focus and also weed the junk that consume your time. You will learn to manage time and increase productivity without any cost.
  12. You can buy a Swiss watch which not only helps you to keep track of time, but will be the subject of your pride.

Subject to the above rules, you will have more free time, work will become better and more productive, consequently, life will be a little better!

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