12 simple rules save money capital

Accumulate capital is much easier than to keep it and not obankrotilsya.CACM way to maintain their status and continue to receive the profits described in this article.

In today’s world it is important not only to be able to make money, but to have the ability to save them, and not to lose the company went bankrupt. Less than five percent of businesses successfully retain their capital. Others long enjoying the carefree life of a millionaire, and then become bankrupt with huge debts. To avoid the fate of the majority, you need to:

  1. Invest in what you know. If you are good in a particular field, then it will be easier to earn capital. Do not pursue what is fashionable or relevant today, it is unknown whether it is still relevant tomorrow. Better slowly, but continuously make a profit in a familiar area.
  2. It is impossible to invest if you influenced from the outside. This is rarely something sensible. Also try not to spend money until he made his fortune.
  3. To invest in property. Some put a lot of money in plans and ideas, but it is very difficult to foresee which of the ideas will be profitable. If you do not have excess amounts in order to take such a risk, invest in property — never loses value.
  4. Invest in something that you can always re-sell. No one knows in what situation he will be in a month or a year. For successful business development, you sometimes need to buy something and something opposite to resell. If you do not have anything of what you sell again — soon you will suffer losses.
  5. Don’t miss the moments when you can make a profit. This is a very important point, but many businesses forget about it when you don’t want to part with something to sell at the best price. In such moments it is necessary to think well and to calculate all possible favourable and not very situation.
  6. Find a good banker. Even if the person is engaged some years in business, he still may not know many nuances. In order to acquire capital, you just need to find a good specialist in the financial sector and listen to his advice.
  7. Buy when price low, sell when high. In words looks easy, but in reality very few people who were not afraid to follow this rule.
  8. The money should be in circulation. The money should be in, and not lie in my Bank account. Only because of the monetary circulation, it is possible to obtain some profit from the business.
  9. Don’t be afraid to take out a loan. The business started to grow and bring profits, it will first need something to invest. Do not be afraid to take out loans, because under the best of circumstances, the revenue from the business will cover all payments on loans with interest several times.
  10. Borrow cautiously. A lot of people went bankrupt just because lent far too much money. Never borrow money in order to brag to friends and show off how rich you live. Need money for business development, only for it them and spend. And bragging usually leads to bankruptcy.
  11. Do not borrow money. This principle will not only protect your capital but also preserve a lot of friends.
  12. Participate on the exchanges. It is desirable to put completely on the industry and watch for price fluctuations. Even for one day, successfully investing, you can get a considerable amount of money.

Try to stick to these simple tips and it is possible that soon your name will appear in the same row with millionaires all over the world.

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