12 simple habits that will bring you closer to success

Is there a formula for success? The answer is positive, but the formula varies from person to person. If they say that the devil is in the details, then the success can be argued that it lies in the habits. Although a universal formula for success is, however, possible to allocate a number of simple but incredibly useful habits that you can implement in your daily life today.

  • Prioritization

What is most time consuming? What daily business is the most important? The answer to both questions should be the one. If not, then you should reevaluate your priorities. Cross out from your to-do list all that is not of great importance, and use quit to the maximum.

  • Planning

The evening shall describe the day ahead. In your plan in the first place take the watch to perform important tasks.

  • «Eat a frog»

Mark TWAIN said that if in the morning eat a live toad, nothing worst is to happen this day. This phrase means that the most unpleasant and difficult things to do in the first place, and everything else won’t seem so difficult. If you put off the unpleasant then you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to concentrate on current Affairs.

  • Listen to yourself

When you set goals, plan how you will achieve them. Listen to your biorhythms and make a plan of action to best fit your physiological and psychological characteristics.

  • Limit your time

Performing any task, set yourself a time limit during which you have to cope with the current case. Thus, it will be easier to gather and not to waste efforts.

  • Eliminate the distractions

Sources of distraction can be two different things. Most often it is the gadgets and the Internet. But it may be something more specific, for example, an interesting book or an interesting unfinished project. Eliminate the distractions, at the time of execution of the current task.

  • Don’t forget to breather

Never disregard or delay in making a to-do list hours for recreation, sports and friends.

  • Countdown in planning

Setting a big goal you want to achieve at the end of the year, take a step back from the future to today. That is, break the goal into its constituent parts and determine for yourself what results you should achieve for today, week, month? Ultimately, the small steps you go to its great purpose.

  • Take notes

You have a dream or goal? Take the first step towards its realization, write down what you want on paper.

  • Find someone who will monitor your progress

Most of the goals require daily work, so it is important to find an incentive to get to work every day and not be lazy. A partner who will monitor your progress, perfect in the role of motivator. Very well, if a person has goals similar to yours.

  • The order is unimportant Affairs of others

One of the great ways to get rid of dull and meaningless tasks, is to entrust it to someone else.

  • Reading

Reading allows us to grow, be inspired by new ideas. Try daily to learn something new, to expand their worldview.

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