11 secrets of persuasiveness

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Everyone from time to time have to deal with the need to prove his innocence or to convince the person of something. Regardless of what we choose profession, our social circle and social status, persuasiveness can make us more successful! So, let’s consider the 11 secrets of persuasiveness.

  1. When you talk to a person and try to convince him, the most important statements highlight using the volume of the voice. When you suddenly begin to speak a few notches, the other person begins to not only listen, but also becoming as focused on the content.
  2. It is very important from the beginning of the conversation with the person to install an unobtrusive eye contact. It is scientifically proven that people trust more those who look them in the eye when talking, and I consider it suspicious if a person hides the glance or often divert it to the side.
  3. There is another way to get people to trust you, and it’s called mirroring. You just repeat some gestures of your interlocutor, facial expressions, posture, and thereby send a signal to his subconscious about what you should believe.
  4. In that case, if you want to communicate something important, say it slowly, as if weighing every word. Haste is a typical way of speaking of liars, so people subconsciously perceive the rush, as a signal of distrust.
  5. Try during the conversation with the person to contact and also tactilely. Try to shake hands, if you say — it can be friendly hug. Even touching the hand of his companion, you will be able to attract his attention and to position you to.
  6. Try among their arguments the use of statistical data. Due to this, your speech will become much more convincing, because people subconsciously seek to conform to others.
  7. Try to build a conversation so to highlight the advantages that will get your companion, if you listen. The interlocutor should not get the impression that you want to convince him — talking as if he just suggest and not impose.
  8. Sometimes marketers to promote products using links to celebrities, supposedly they took advantage of something and all recommend. Therefore, for credibility you can Supplement their arguments with reference to any influential people who have the same position as you.
  9. Choose the right time for dialogue, because it depends on many things. Don’t say important things on the go, in a hurry or where you can do so much to distract. Better to reschedule than to fail it due to the fact that the head of the interlocutor was busy with something more pressing.
  10. Equally important is how you submit your information. If you speak positively, you are more likely to be heard. Negative information causes the instinctive reaction is denial.
  11. Most importantly, you didn’t tell whoever you’re trying to convince, always stay yourself and be sincere. People on a subconscious level feels even the slightest insincerity, and cautiously begins to treat everything that he hears.
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