10 secrets to an effective day

Performance a day is a good result in life. After all all our life consists of days and you can’t put it in order, if you do not start to improve each day. If you are productive today, yesterday and tomorrow, in the end you will get a good result in a realized goal. Therefore, it is very important to be productive today. Every «today» will shape your destiny. So let’s look at 10 tips that will help you to be productive every day.

  1. Effective work during the day depends on your level of energy, and that means first and foremost, you need quality sleep. If you do not sleep enough, all your efforts will be ineffective, due to lack of energy. If you do not sleep — this is your habit, you risk getting a lot of problems in different spheres of life. Therefore, be sure about the performance of your tomorrow — go to bed early.
  2. Another useful thing you can do in the evening — planning for tomorrow’s Affairs. Soberly assess their capabilities and determine a few important things you have to understand. In addition, identify and write down a few minor things that you can do if you have free time.
  3. Don’t forget that food determines the level of our energy, and sleep. Don’t forget to eat Breakfast, and if in the first half you have planned mental work, allow yourself a portion of cake or any other dessert. Don’t forget to eat during the day. Drink juice, eat fruits, nuts, seeds. Are sources of vitamins and fatty acids.
  4. Watch your time and be able to allocate it well. Start your journey of mastering time management with awareness of the value and the permanence of this resource. Think carefully about what and how much time you need and make the restrictions of every item in your list.
  5. Set short periods of work and short breaks. Remember, how was school? You had the ability to change the type of activity, unwind and rest every 45 minutes. Focused on its capabilities — try to rest at least 5 minutes every hour.
  6. Observe yourself and try to discover what steals your time. Often is the Internet. No matter the social network is, or just some sites if it takes your time, you should force yourself to give up. Determine a specific time when you will be able to afford to be distracted, and you will be able to focus on work.
  7. In any case, do not delay things for later. Try to manage to deal with each job on time because tomorrow and later you will have new items to list.
  8. Try to reach maximum concentration on one particular task. Refrain from multitasking — it is scientifically proven this to be ineffective. Get things done consistently, try to avoid extraneous noise, in the form included music, radio, chatting colleagues. Mute the phone and Internet, so you will not receive a notification social network and messenger.
  9. Observe the most productive period of the day, and at this time plan all the important things that require you to maximum concentration. Some people peak productivity falls on the night, so it makes sense to restructure your routine in accordance with the biorhythms of the body.
  10. Constantly improve your skills and think of how you can minimize the time cost for each of these cases. Try to automate some things. Today’s technical advances allow, you can establish an automatic payment system for invoices, reminders, mailings. The less you spend time on the routine, the more you will ago important things.

Appreciate your time, because in fact you are. Your life is measured by the amount of time, so, spending it in vain, you are wasting your life. Waste your time so that in the end, you could say I lived a happy life!

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